1. kit says

    Ok, so when and where so we hit the streets? Where is the vigil? Where is the march? What is the response from our community — as a community — that sends the message to all those other LGBTQ kids out there that they are not abandoned by us, at least?

  2. jomicur says

    Let’s just release poor little Brandon, give him an assault rifle and let him walk the streets at will. I’m sure he’ll turn into a fine, upstanding citizen, someone we can be proud to call an American, right?

  3. Joey says

    Just another nail in the coffin of American justice. It has become obvious with the right jury selection anyone can get off. I am sure the defense made sure no LGBT person was on that jury. Until we use the British system of the first 12 in the box ALL high profile murderers will get off.

  4. BRENDA says

    I think forty years in prison (not life) is a just sentence and plea deal.

    Just wait until he meets the men-who-have-sex-with-men in prison (you know, they aren’t “gay”) and endures their attentions for forty years and the behavior of guards. His life and psychology will be ruined, not to mention his health. It won’t be full justice for Larry King, but forty years is enough.

  5. SearchCz says

    That expression of “sympathy” to the victim’s family … does that seem like the wrong sentiment coming from the the killer? Even if its true and genuine, is it sufficient coming from the person who pulled the trigger (multiple times)? Sympathy doesn’t exactly convey any sort of remorse, regret, apology or contrition.

  6. matt says

    Seven of those jurors MUST be from San Francisco or at least part of the 38% minority that voted against Prop 21 in 2000. Otherwise, those jurors would be racist hypocrites that would now vote against the law because it’s a poor little white kid instead of Hispanic or Black gang member. Obviously, Hispanic or Black 14-year-old gang members NEVER come from broken and abusive homes.

  7. justinw says

    I don’t care how he got to that point, but he deliberately, coldly murdered another boy. He planned it, This is premeditated, not an adolescent’s poor impulse control. I’m not saying he should be sentenced like an adult would be: his circumstances should play into that, but if the facts are as presented to the media, he is guilty. I am embarrassed for the jurors in not seeing this plainly.

  8. luminum says

    MATT: Totally agree. Juries convict minority youth all the time with harsh sentences of similar crimes and no one ever makes a hullabaloo about how they were raised in troubling and violent environments.

  9. Francis says

    Brandon is a monster and all of these calls for showing sympathy and compassion towards him are offensive beyond words. He shot Larry King twice in the back of the head in the middle of class. This entire situation is pathetic, but it must be remembered that we’re basically at square one once again, and Brandon is not a free man.

    What we as a community should look to do I think is show Larry’s family and loved ones support, because this legal limbo this trial is currently under is undeniably devastating for them. We can only hope now with the possibility of a re-trial, justice is eventually served here.

  10. Greg says

    I’m going to pretend someone named “Brenda” above didn’t wish prison rape on Brandon McInerney.

    Apparently you have a problem with gay male sex. Or you just think rape is funny.

    We are our own worst enemy when we make comments like that. Good to see homophobia is alive and well in our hearts. That way, it makes our criticism of homophobes all that nore valid, right? Stay classy, Brenda!

  11. antb says

    Congratulations to the haters on the jury who just let a cold-stone murderer go free. Justice straight-American style. Sure hope they are proud of the service they have done.

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