1. SFShawn says

    Just another stupid,ignorant,uneducated,overweight,angry,pretend christian with a microphone spouting her hateful rhetoric.
    Gawd please take your hate-filled followers away from this beautiful earth.

  2. Andalusian Dog says

    I may be proven wrong, but my hunch is that this year this kind of distraction from what the real problems in our society are will not prove useful to the right.

    I mean, how bat-sh*t crazy anti-science anti-gay do you really have to be to believe this? I can’t imagine there are that many of them out there, at least not enough to push it over the top for Perry, should he win the nomination.

    Anyway, this lady still needs to get a good smack in the face, and Perry a knee to the groin.

  3. Aaron says

    Another hate-filled, un-Christian, Christian nutbag bigot. Not only is she scapegoating the gays, she hates other Christian denominations too.

    Who needs lions anymore?

  4. mrmnyc says

    Really? Is that the best they have to offer? That’s not very creative! Nor does it explain all the floods, tornadoes, earthquakes and volcanoes that occurred all those millennia before society began to accept homosexuality.

  5. says

    yet again, what these religiously-fueled bigots are *ACTUALLY* saying is that God didn’t mind it one bit when 6 million Jews were exterminated in the Holocaust.

    Oh, and God also didn’t mind when Africans were kidnapped and forced into slavery, nor did God apparently mind racial segregation and apartheid.

    Sort of how like ex-gays say “God doesn’t have time to cure your 6 year old daughter of leukemia because He’s busy helping me develop a taste for pussy”

    it’s not only stupid, it’s actually insulting to intelligence and basic human decency.

    it’s just like this:

  6. paul says

    the thing that bothers me is that Rick Perry is supposed to be the Gov of Texas, correct…why is he holding prayer rallies? should he be governing the state…but praying? If I was Texas resident I would be so pissed!!

  7. Bart says

    It has gotten worse, Pam. Rick Perry is a Presidental candidate. If that’s not sign of the apocalypse, what is?

    Ignorant woman working for an ignorant candidate.

    For God’s word to be forgotten, Pam and her ilk would have to had understood it in the first place, which clearly they haven’t. The only person the boogeyman God will get is those simpletons who believe in it.

  8. Francis says

    Wow, I never knew we were so powerful. We’ve been blamed for floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, fires, rain droughts, hurricanes. I wonder what’s next. I’m sure the fundies will think of something if they haven’t already.

  9. Bobby says

    And I thought the reason we had wildfires here in Texas was because the la nina weather pattern made for a hot and dry year where they’re more likely to happen anyway. And all this time it was because of Dan down at the coffee shop. Who knew? Guess I’ll have to start hating him now.

  10. HadenoughBS says

    Oh, for God’s sake, what is this skank, Pat Robertson in drag? She sure spouts his BS rhetoric regarding gays = natural disasters.

    And, @Paul, I’d much rather Perry hold and attend prayer rallies than “ruin” the State of Texas. He and his GOPer cronies in our state legislature are creating enough disastrous situations for Texans with their idiotic ideology. OTOH, if Perry were to be elected the next President, Texas indeed may need to secede from HIS Union in order to protect its citizens. Other states may want to take note!

  11. Jeff says

    A thought just occurred to me…..You don’t think they’ll start saying the increases in violent nature is due to gays and not global warming? Well that certainly wouldn’t be disputed science because the Bible says so.

  12. princely54 says

    @OS2GUY, in the US hate speech isn’t a criminal offense. It’s only a crime when combined with a physical assualt. Bigots are free to spout all the madness they want in our country (not so in Canada).

    Plus, even though I find her ridiculous and hateful, I don’t want ‘hate speech’ laws here in the US, either. We go down that road, and you can guess how it can be turned on us! Forget ‘ACT UP’ or any other lefty/gay activist group being free to protest in the streets; we’d be labeled the ‘hate group’ for reacting to this madness and prosecuted/persecuted even more.

    Let the bigots yell and rant all they want. This way we know who they are and where they are.

  13. HSimpson says

    Deuteronomy 22:5 – “The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the Lord thy God.”

    I’d say those blue jeans she’s wearing fall under that category.

  14. pdxblueyes says

    Is it possible that God is “Shaking” at YOU, the nutbag extremists who have consistently perverted his word, making it fit your hate rhetoric? is it POSSIBLE that it’s really YOU who has angered God?

  15. Andalusian Dog says

    OK. So I just actually watched the video. Quick reaction: She is a complete imbecile, craving any sort of attention that she can get to feel validated.

    So when did preaching become all American Idol, and now anyone can do it?

    Oy, this country…

  16. says

    My Children,
    Yes, it’s going to get worse, not because I’m judging you and not because I’m shaking; but simply because of climate change as accelerated by you.
    So take your head out of your fat ass b**ch.

  17. Rob says

    Seriously, the rant is so ridiculous that it buries itself. No one who doesn’t already believe in the Capital C Crazy she is spewing is going to buy it. Let her stew in her own hate.

    I am much more AFRAID of Perry who can seem appealing to a lot of dissatisfied people, yet is also out-there enough on the hater continuum to have picked her (or at least be keeping her) as his Florida co-chair. I know it isn’t popular to say we’ve got to back Obama, but this has a strong chance of being the alternative and this is only a few steps away from pink triangles for all of us.

  18. jimsur212 says

    These people actually believe that their god sends messages through the weather. Yet, they deny that greenhouse gasses are influencing the weather.

    What a hoot!

  19. says

    i wouldn’t “mock” her weight…i would, however, point out that Ezekiel 16 makes it rather explicit that the true Sin of Sodom was greed and gluttony.

    people will food and money and resources who didn’t give to those who were without.

    Sodomites aren’t homosexuals, nor anyone with a perceived “deviant sexual lifestyle” – the bible is rather clear that Sodomites are greedy people who don’t give to the Have Nots.

    so, this woman (like Maggie Gallagher) is really just a hypocrite. Clearly she’s never missed a meal. Millions of Americans do.

    She’s the real Sodomite.

  20. shello says

    To those reacting about people mocking her weight, HELLO, it’s in the Bible. It is clear about greed and gluttony. For someone who speaks a lot about God should pretty much know the fundamentals.

  21. BobC562 says

    Why is it, then, that most of the damage from hurricanes, fires, what? no locusts? hit the most anti-equal rights states. You’ve got Texas looking like an Irwin Allen disaster film, hurricanes boinging up along the Southeast, and yet NY is unscathed.

  22. Ken says

    If you look at the world over all, places with the highest standard of living are the most supportive of gay rights: Scandinavia, Netherlands, Canada. Places with the lowest standard of living are the most anti gay: Africa and the Middle East. So logic should say God is punishing us for being too anti gay, not too pro gay.

  23. B says

    And why is Santa Jesus focusing his destructive wrath on the predominately evangelical communities? You’d think after 6000 years you’d see a noticeable improvement in his aim. Anyhoo, another beautiful day here in West Hollywood. Don’t piss us off, things could get a lot worse.

  24. Seriously?Y says

    Oh my. She’s not very bright, or very pretty, or very well dressed, or groomed, or getting any.

    Her life sucks.

    Heaven help her that she has a clue that all the natural disasters are (mostly) the result of Climate Change.

    Her people deny it.

    Say there’s actually Global Cooling.

    It isn’t going to make things better when dipthongs like this get elected to office, or when they’re proven wrong.

    Wrong (for them) isn’t even in their dictionary.

    They may have mis-spoke, or were ‘making a point’. But they were never wrong.

    This would be funny if it wasn’t so freaking sad.

  25. Rob says

    Hmmmm. I wonder if she eats pork or yummy shellfish or stones her children when they talk back to her. Cherry picking? How about mimicking crazy Pat Robertson. Ignorance, not thinking for herself, and how about pure bigotry.

  26. jay says

    She wants it to get worse. This is the scariest trend in fundamentalist christianity going on right now. End times mania is actually getting these people excited. The worse they perceive the world to be, the more they think Jesus is about to come back and take them off to heaven. It’s their excuse against trying to make the world better. I mean, why bother if its just going to delay Jesus from fixing things anyway? This kind of thinking is despicable went it comes to their hatred of gay people, but it is, to me, at its most frightening when they apply this thinking to pollution and protecting the environment. You would think that fundies would want to protect the Earth they think their god gave them, but instead they relish every disaster that comes our way.

  27. EdA says

    And this is, of course, why the states which are most infested by Fundamentalist Christianists and Tealiban members of Congress are the states which are home to some of the most vicious homophobes and have been blasted by God or the Great Pumpkin or whatever far more than civilized parts of the country.

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