1. HadenoughBS says

    Human beings can no more “change” their sexual orientation (behavior, perhaps, but NOT orientation) than these two homophobic asshats – Sprigg and Fischer – can change their Christofascist hatred of the GLBT community. And that’s a scientific fact (well, as scientific as the facts these two bigots-in-Christ use to make their “gays can and should change” case).

  2. mikey says

    what does it say about Fischer that he talks about gays 24/7? obsessed to say the least. move on bigot! focus on doing something good…oh wait, no, that’s not the Christian way these days.

  3. greg says

    If they WERE to admit that homosexual behavior was inherited then they would have to admit that their god created gays; something a good fundamentalist would never do. Then the whole foundation of their faith would be shaken. Still, I don’t know why all the other wacko edicts and bulls of Leviticus wouldn’t be keeping them up at night. Must be nice to pick and choose. Perhaps they should RESEARCH that. We will be toe to toe with them on this one till the end of time, or until we become a theocracy.

  4. Bart says

    When you only talk to yourself you are deemed crazy. And that’s pretty much what these guys do. They can’t handle a discussion (forget facts, those would utterly kill their fallacy) with anyone who already doesn’t agree with them.

    And that’s all that listens to them. So who really cares?

    Again, if a tree falls in the woods does it make a sound? No.

  5. Matt says

    These men are just Nazis!!!! They are using the same rhetoric that the Nazis used to justify their crimes against the Jews, gays, people with disabilities and anyone else who wasn’t Aryan. They are vile and despicable!!

  6. BG says

    Methinks the everyday Christian understands that history is branding Sprigg and Fischer as homophobic fools. Most people don’t want to be similarly branded, so we need stronger laws ensuring PAC donor disclosure. Wouldn’t this effectively shut down the FRC and AFA?

  7. god's little monkey says

    Religion (well most certainly the fundie type of religion) has been distilled down to two things: the most important christian issue is homosexuality and; the second most important issue is dumbing down their followers.

    All that really matters to the heads of these fundie groups is to make a very good living, which they do by starting up these silly ass foundations, councils and other nonsensical “think tanks”, ramp up the anti-gay hatred and let the money flow in.

    Same goes for the fundie politicians, with a myriad of issues to focus on they will invariably focus on religion (their beliefs mostly) and of course, the horrible, terrible, satanic homosexual agenda genda genda.

    Where many get misled is in trying to change the minds of fundies; can’t be done. So instead, we need to change the laws. Let’s look at any religion, or religious group, that advocates against gays (or other religions, political groups, unions or what have you) as hate groups. Can you REALLY see much difference between the kkk and many of the religious groups? (well okay, they’re not wearing pillow cases over their heads but you get the idea.)

    Make it against the law to advocate one’s religious superiority over another. So a person’s “religion” says that being gay is bad, that’s fine, they can believe as they wish but as soon as they speak openly about it, they should be arrested for advocating hate.

    They of course, disingenuously cloak it in various ways, such as ‘hate the sin, not the sinner’ but we know very clearly what they mean. Not only do they want us all to go to hell, they’d be rather happy if it was sooner than later.

    In 2011 religion should no longer hold any place in American life. Believing in religion should be seen as little more than believing in ghosts, leprechauns, big foot or Nessie. To allow people with such misguided, uninformed and ignorant views to have ANY part in any discussion on how this country is to run and the direction it’s to go is absurd. We’re talking about people with severe mental issues, who honestly believe that there is someone ‘out there’ that not only cares about them but listens to them and then reaches out and helps them (or not, as the ‘deity’ wishes.)

    The same people that thank ‘god’ that they were spared in a tornado, hurricane or flood (and apparently assume ‘god’ likes them more than their church going neighbors) are thanking ‘god’ for letting them (or their team) win the big game, race or get a music award. Apparently ‘god’ is a huge nascar fan.

    Anyway, there’s never any tangible evidence that ‘god’ helped anyone (although he does kill a lot of people) so why should we accept these people who insist on believing in this ‘god’? More than one person has been put away for doing things that a ‘voice in their head’ told them to do. Yet there are a lot of people who claim to hear ‘god’ talk directly to them, in their head. How is religion NOT insanity.

    Stop the insanity by stopping religion. Most of our problems will simply disappear.
    Except for us gays though, we’ll be around as long as heterosexuals keep on having babies. Along with the family nose and chin, the family gay gene.

  8. Rayyblon44 says

    When putatively straight people pontificate about the “cause” of homosexuality, or anything else about it, for that matter, my first question is always, “How the hell would they know?” They know less than nothing about it.

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