1. Alec is Adorable says

    I wish I could have been there. Note to Tina Fey, write this into an episode of 30 Rock.

  2. Sammy says

    I have followed him on twitter 4ever and I was a little offended when I first saw the tweet but he is def a friend of ours and is a hilarious person on twitter..if u don’t follow him do so..still has my vote if he ever runs for mayor too

  3. r says

    From the guy who played a pedophile scoutmaster to Adam sandler’s unsuspecting scout on snl a few years ago…

  4. M says

    I agree. I have been to that Starbucks and service is not good at all. Bored employees should stay home. Oh Alex visit the one on 95th and Broadway on the West side… much nicer employees.

  5. Gregoire says

    The thing is, Alec Baldwin is a big ole straight queen, so he’s allowed to use our nomenclature.

  6. Christian says

    I will forever thank Alec Baldwin for the phrase “wheezy, goat-footed old queen”. Never change, Alec…ha!

  7. rich says

    Alex is good people in my book, hell which one of us havent come accross a nasty uptight queen….hell I worked with one, and every day I ask him hey give it a rest or I will crown you queen, usually he got whack with a dildo upside the head…oh yeah I worked in a adult toy manufacture company in the art dept……

  8. toto2 says

    I wonder if that means the uptight queen at Starbucks on 23rd and 8th moved uptown? Or could there be two uptight queens working at Starbucks???

  9. Robert says

    I am a gay man, and I totally give give Alec a free pass on this one. Because when you encounter pissy queen behavior, sometimes that’s the only way to describe it. Right on Alec!

  10. says

    Well, I suspect if my primary income was being a Starbucks coffee squirter in NYC, my dreams would be so badly damaged, I’d be an uptight pissy queen as well…

  11. Sigh says

    So let’s say that it was a Republican politician who uttered this instead.

    Pearl clutchers would be outraged. There’d be a boycott announced, GLAAD would be issuing a dozen outraged press releases, and bullying would be blamed on the tweet. The media would be chasing the tweeter down until he apologized with tears streaming down his face and committed to donating $500,000 to HRC and spending the next year at horrible rubber-chicken events with Kathy Griffin and Elizabeth Birch.

    Tired of the double standard. If it’s always homophobic, it’s ALWAYS homophobic. If it’s not homophobic when Baldwin says it, it’s not homophobic when Santorum says it.

  12. Matt says

    Have to agree with Alec on this one, too many obnoxious, uptight queens in NYC lately giving attitude for no good reason. It’s not like he’s working for free, if he doesn’t like his job maybe he should spare us all his misery and quit. There are plenty of people out there right now who would love to give Alec and the rest of us service with a smile

  13. Mikey B. says


    You’re trying to say that context matters, and I disagree; context matters. Is an explanation really necessary?

  14. Sigh says

    You cannot claim a “right” to homophobia and later condemn others for the same homophobia.

    Claiming that “friends” can be anti-gay but enemies cannot simply gives power to the right wing — who claim that anti-homophobia initiatives are simply opportunistic “thought policing” rather than a bona fide effort to end bigotry.

    Baldwin no more has the “right” to use the phrase “queen” than he has the “right” to use the n-word (despite being pro-racial-equality).

  15. LemmyC says

    @ Sigh – but this is NOT homophobia! I could think of no other straight (?) man who is as gay-friendly and pro-gay as Baldwin. There’s more to homophobia than just the words themselves – you’ve got to take context and pragmatics into account.

  16. Chitown Kev says


    I think that I would clutch my pearls a bit but that would be funny as well for an entirely different reason.


    It would be hilarious in a way if Frothy Mix were to call a Starbucks barista an “uptight queen”.

    Think about it for a sec.

  17. Rae says

    y’all know Sigh is right and just don’t want to admit it. You can’t pick favorites in the pc debate like you are at the grocery store without seeming petty and have favoritism like Republicans. You don’t have to crucify Baldwin, but a little wrist slap reminder would suffice.

  18. TomJck says

    Well, we don’t know ALL the details, but I’m guessing Alec is in the right here. God bless ‘im, and how many “straight” guys are publicly gay-friendly enough to Tweet this without getting lambasted here?

  19. TomJck says

    BTW, no Santorum saying this would NOT be ok because he has done NOTHING but publicly condemn homosexual behavior and rights. Alec is – regardless of his political party – a proven good guy. Now, you have a point stating that “if a Republican were to do this…” I agree. Why are our Republican friends so invisible here on Towleroad?

  20. Drew says

    Alec needs to learn how to spell barista. No coffee company is going to respect some dumbass who can spell… but Starbucks is just glorified gas station coffee anyway so that tells you how klassy Alec is.