1. kodiak says

    the nyc police didn’t just come up with this behavior overnight. it’s been endemic to the force for years. lawsuits against the city due to police misbehavior are costing the city millions and the number of cases brought against the city are out of control, as reported by newspapers a few months ago. this is business as usual for the nypd. time for a change?

  2. Anon says

    I don’t get it.

    Police officers are middle class at best.

    They generally do not have significant stock portfolios.

    They are victims of corporate greed in the same way most Americans are.

    Don’t they (the police) understand?

    To my mind, the protestors have a passion and a courage that many (of us citizens) lack. They (the protestors)are doing all of us a favor.

  3. justinw says

    Whichever officer uttered that line should be dismissed as unfit to serve in any capacity at all. Someone is asleep at the wheel in doing psych screening on these officers.

  4. ohplease says

    We pay for the police, but they don’t work for us.

    I have an excellent track record in predicting the obvious and I predict that it won’t be long before the first NYPD officer finally shoots and kills an innocent American citizen — it’s not exactly like that’s never happened before.

    What then, I wonder?

  5. LincolnLounger says

    Has anybody heard these “Occupy” people interviewed? It’s not like there is any sort of commonality to their complaints.

    I’m sure the cops are irritated to have to be dealing with professional malcontents like these instead of real crime.

    I’m certain the cops recognize the same “professional organizer” faces from other “spontaneous” demonstrations like those other phony Soros-funded activities.

    The only thing they are “occupying” is a city park, and I’m sure the police are tired of not having their instructions followed.

  6. ohplease says

    I make it a policy not to respond to the childish taunts of trolls, but I’ll make an exception here:

    Oh, LinolnLounger, I can’t tell you how much it pains me to know that professional law enforcement agents might be “tired” of doing their job.

    Everything else you wrote is nonsense, too, but then you know that already. Don’t spend your Koch brothers paycheck all in one place. At least I hope you’re smart enough to get paid for posting nonsense on the Internet, but we can’t rule out that you could also just simply be pathetic.

  7. FunMe says

    NYPD are thugs, especially now that they received blood money in the form of $4.6M from Merrill Lynch (i.e., Wall Street).

    The more the police shows their ugliness, illegal beatings and violations of the 1st amendment rights, the more people will be against them. Check out the movement’s videos:

    The good news, at the end of the one of the videos after the police BRUTALITY, one protester yells:

    “Each new macing video that is released. Each new depiction of the abuses of the police on the first amendment, the more people will show up in NYC, and the more waves of occupation will spread across this country. And you should be proud of that police.  Because you are participating in our publicity campaign.”

    Also, last night NBC local news in LA said it best:

    “Occupy Wall Street protests: no signs of slowing down. In fact, it’s getting bigger. The protest has spread all around the country.”

  8. SeriousSick says

    Fat cop in video = Disgusting bohunk New Yorker. What else is a macho nobody supposed to do with his “thoughts”? Being useful as dedicated idiots is what most breeders do with themselves anyway.

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