1. say what says

    Andrew Sullivan (former repub)

    “To rid the world of OBL, al-Awlaki & Qaddafi w/in 6 months: if Obama were a Republican, he’d be on Mount Rushmore by now.”-@sullydish

  2. Jack M says

    Seems quite possible that he was taken alive but finished off by his captors, he most likely did not “die as a result of his injuries.”

  3. ohplease says

    “Andrew Sullivan (former repub)”

    I believe you mean “Andrew Sullivan (lifelong media whore, always for sale to the highest bidder)”.

    Seriously, why in the world is anybody quoting Andrew Sullivan? Is there no level of disgrace or discredit that disqualifies you from participating in public life anymore?

  4. antb says

    I’m curious as to exactly what “level of disgrace or discredit” you think “disqualifies” AS from participating in public life.

  5. wils says

    well obama is NOT a republican, and he has caused enough problems for this nation. he did not kill obl himself, and the plans that were put into effect to get obl were put there by gw bush. get over yourselves.

  6. says

    If kids pour into the streets in this country, this time – I will not hold back my criticism, as I did when OBL was killed.

    Bringing a person to justice, or vice versa doesn’t not mean killing him.

    This despot – and OBL should have been tried before the courts.

  7. Gay American says

    seriously these people act like savages…..tho I wouldnt put it past americans to do the same thing – IF they could get away with it

  8. booka says

    Thank Gawd we have this wonderful venue to vent in. If it did not exist these overweight-Republican-Qaddafi’s-in-training would have nowhere to go to voice their opinions, and you know the value of a opinion.

  9. the village elder says

    pretty tough to have sympathy for him but I would rather he have been put in a zoo cage than given the “martyr death” some will claim for him.

    Without doubt had this happened on bush’s watch he would have been slappin’ his chest and claiming god status. As well his suckling minnions would be braying about their daddy.

  10. Randy says

    Regarding terrorism and the conduct of war, I’ll take Obama’s record over Bush’s any day.

    That said, Obama is a warmonger, and needs to be reined in, or fired.

  11. Dale says

    Randy Randy ….

    Obama didn’t start the Libyan war nor did he start the Syrian uprising, nor the troubles in Africa. He sent a minimum number of troops to answer a plea of help along with other NATO nations. Bush and the GOP are war mongers. Pres. Obama is a centrist answering the cries of the people with the help of other nations.

    WILS … do you always repeat FAUX news talking points. Did you have a play date with Cheney’s daughter? More On.

  12. tobal says

    Totally off topic:

    @Mike Hipp: omg, you read towleroad too! I found your vegan photo album on your fb profile through one comment you wrote on a site I found through reddit. Let me just say: you have major talent! It’s the best food porn I’ve watched in a long time.

  13. brian says

    Do you honestly think the new regime will be gay-friendly? LOL. They hate gays over there, all of them. This is just another attempt by Obama to appear tough on the interntational stage. He won’t be getting my vote.

  14. Chip says

    If the deaths of Bin Laden and Qaddafi had occurred on a Repub president’s watch, the GOP would be arguing he was the greatest prez ever.

  15. Derrick from Philly says

    “This is just another attempt by Obama to appear tough on the interntational stage. He won’t be getting my vote”

    Then you’d better hope that Rick Perry gets the nomination for the Republicans so you can vote for him…George Wallace isn’t running this year.

  16. Derek Pearce says

    All you Republicans here make me lulz so much. Poor souls must’ve been abused as children to want more of the same so badly.

    Anyhow, good riddance to Gaddafi.

  17. anon says

    From the footage it is not at all clear why they forced him off the truck. Where was he and where did they want to take him by foot? Or the crowd just spontaneously attack? Admittedly he wanted to die this way.

  18. NorthoftheBorder says

    um… hate to break it to all you dems and repubs down there…but… this is the Libyan people fighting on the ground.. with a no flyzone and air support initiated by the UN, and taken over by NATO with Royal Canadian Air Force Lieutenant-General Charles Bouchard in command of the NATO mission.

  19. Game Over for Kaddafy Duck says

    Obama and Hillary have taken care of business, more than Bush and Cheney ever would have. Too bad the Repubs here can’t enjoy it.

    And, they do it without giving billions to the defense contractors, how unRepublican can you get?

  20. James says

    Great news! So which country can we bomb next? I am so glad we have a constitutional scholar as our president.

  21. gwyneth cornrow says

    If this is the message that America sends out into the world about what justice looks like, don’t be surprised when it’s Americans on the receiving end of the stick. Mike Hipp is spot on.