Gays Now More Popular Than Bankers, Says Barney Frank

The NYT caught up with Barney Frank before a fundraiser held for him at the intersection of gay and Wall Street:

FrankMr. Frank, Democrat of Massachusetts, said he had seen a new reality in recent years: the gay community is more popular than Wall Street.

“For years, those of us who are gay” were pilloried just for “being gay,” he said.

In June, Mr. Frank caught flack for holding a fund-raiser at the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association, one of Wall Street’s most vocal lobbying groups and a frequent critic of Dodd-Frank. JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley all dispatched officials to the event.

Thursday’s event was held at the home of Charles Myers, a senior managing director at Evercore, an independent investment bank. But, as Mr. Frank put it, Mr. Myers is also “a leader in the gay and lesbian community.” Mr. Frank met Mr. Myers at an event for Terrence McNally, the prominent playwright, who also attended Mr. Frank’s fund-raiser.

“The fact that the host is in the financial industry is incidental,” he said.

Barney Frank Raises Cash, From Gays and Wall St. [dealbook]


  1. Pete n SFO says


    So if I throw a party, a congressman will show up, ‘cuz I’m a big-deal w/ the gayz?

    The hubris, even w/ ppl like Barney Frank, is absolutely staggering.

  2. Charlie says

    I was looking at the site of the company that is mailing the cards in Iowa to defeat pro-marriage equality legislators. They mention doing marketing support for Evercore on their home page. I had never heard of this company before yesterday, and then I see two things about them in a day.

  3. John says

    Not being in finance and having been to several LGBT events/fundraisers thrown by this host I can say that Barney Frank’s regulatory work IS incidental to the host’s profession. Without people of means like Charles supporting LGBT candidates and our allies we would not be where we are today.

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