1. Bart says

    Just can’t get over the outfit Kellen Lutz is wearing in the first photo. It’s reminiscent of Cher’s back-up dancers circa 1990.

    I hope this movie has a techo sound track, now that would make it a hell of a lot more fun.

  2. Rob West says

    His last film “The Fall” in the Directors commentary he said he was worried that one sequence might look like Gay porn, I think this he succeeded here. I’m happy with that.

  3. benjamin says

    Um, too much outfit, not enough skin. The ancient Greeks were less about the clothes, more about the man (skin). At least make the skirts a bit shorter, geez.

  4. says

    that weird headgear looks better with the special cgi effects. All the gaps between the wires are digitally filled in with a golden glowing light. Really looking forward to this movie, hot guys and incredible action scenes.

  5. Zlick says

    Believe it or not, I’m going to see this because of the director. I really loved The Fall (though that weird Jennifer Lopez movie that he did before is a really unhot mess). But a rad sense of visual style pervades both films, and I’m obviously digging the visual style of gay fantasy role play for this one!

  6. Bryan says

    I’m a sucker for Greek mythology, so this better be at least watchable, because I’m really not getting any Poseidon vibes from Kellan Lutz’s costume.

  7. say what says

    eh , who cares if it is a hot mess. visualy it looks stunning and anything and everything Tarsem Singh directs is visually stunning

    The Cell
    The Fall
    and now this plus the upcoming snow white

    The Fall sucked story wise for me but visuals were amazing and roger ebert said it was worth seeing just for that and he loved The Cell

  8. Bill Cooney says

    “Do you like gladiator movies young man?” From the movie ‘Airplane.”
    Yes, I do. Sword and Sandal “B” movies were one of my favorite genres in my youth.

  9. David says

    I guess its just me, but I require so much more out of my movies than a bunch of straight men (well, one actor in this film is openly gay. Maybe.) prancing around trying to pretend this will appeal to everyone, instead of gay men who will ogle at the exposed skin and straight men who adore brutal violence.

    Visually, perhaps the film will be good. But its not worth plopping any money down just because of that. Even though I grew up with those old Hollywood “sand and sandal” movies, today I see them and I’m embarrassed at how campy and bad they truly are.

    Meh, I’m just getting too old.

  10. says

    9yr Old disabled boy announces gay heroes big companies follow;

    BOYLE HEIGHTS, CA, April 24, 2012- “Every child has dreamed of being a Super Hero, the difference is SUPER SMASH COMIXZ takes on the REAL villains,” said AEYLIAS LOPEZ & AMALY LOPEZ, CEOS of SUPER SMASH. “KIDS know what’s going on-adults just don’t give them credit; KONY & DARFUR top my list. I’m PROUD of George Clooney for getting arrested for Darfur and LADY GAGA’s zero tolerance for bullies. They GAINED a new ally in their fight. Comics need to stop skirmishing with imaginary enemies and predominantly pretend emergencies. There’s too many genuine circumstance that need to be talked about. It’s inhumane to ignore them.”

    What you imagine can NOT be more important nor interesting than Reality. Look at “THE HUNGER GAMES”–in the FUTURE bad things happen? What about right here and now? Like Modern Day slavery.

    George gets it and hated jail-he did it because we can not tolerate DARFUR and these human rights violations. GAGA understand this-still it’s unfair to expect adults to do it alone. .

    Inhabitants of Earth open the Pandora’s Box to THE UNIVERSE. Worse THE RANGERS are saddled with the unpopular idea that heroes seldom prevail and its your mission to rise up against impossible odds. George said Darfur was his ‘biggest failure” yet it’s what meaningful people respect him for. Look at Lady GAGA having to defend Gay people. Hey GAGA one of my heroes was “BORN THAT WAY.’ The Rangers are the real world, African, Latinos & Asian & Indians. There’s THE BIG BANG MACHINE, HYPER NOVAS & THE PLANET X -all real. With the backdrop of THE RANGER-CORE having nano-technology suits from The Lost Dimension and have incredible and fun powers facing down foes that would make comic book villains cringe-perhaps even faint.

    Most stories are predictable; when’s the last time an ending surprised you? Just because you take on a fight does not assure success. Anyone that expects this to be a kiddy comic book better go buy the comics that the adults are writing.”

    “My birth defects aren’t limitations; I have been going to Rancho Los Amigos for rehab. Stacy and Katie from Muscular Dystrophy Association referred me. Hangar Orthotics of L A is helping me get my complicated leg braces-I’m SO lucky people care! I was born with a condition that doesn’t allow me to keep my feet or hips in line-so it’s a pain in the butt to run –I fall too much. I already had BULLYING issues at 2 separate schools-the adults were just DREADFUL at handling. I personally have had it with bullies-they are toast and so are the adults that stand by and do nothing.”

    I’ve been through a lot in the last year–but as The Rangers forge ahead I go with them.

    Creatively, I have my contradiction. I want to take on the actual world yet I want to make the books colorful and full of what I call “still motion graphics”, to do the art in such a way that it looks like it’s moving and A LOT of onomatopoeia.

    The book official releases is July 16, 2012, and is distributed by SUPER SMASH COMIXS and retailers and I’m TRYING to get in the San Diego Comic Con this July 12, 2012.


    Part of our proceed will go to MDA, KONY 2012 and the cause to end modern day slavery.

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    Mirsha Lopez

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