1. Bart says

    Name him. Let’s go after him. To attack a student in his class like that, he should have been fired yesterday. What the hell kind of “investigation” is needed. Ask the students in the class what was said, if he said it, can his sorry ass.

    Then he can blame that on the gays too. Or maybe he can blame it on being a piece of phlem.

  2. CFOX says

    Since there is another Indiana University, which is well known for acceptance of gays, I think you should change the headline to read “Pennsylvania professor at Indiana University of Pennsylvania” or something similar in order to distinguish this school. Bloomington, Indiana, the home of Indiana University, has been voted the best gay friendly small city in the US, and should not be associated with bigots elsewhere.

  3. Rob says

    Few things infuriate me more than educators using their position to spew their personal bigotry. If this were any other aspect of a person – religion, nationality, race, even physical appearence – this hate-filled idiot woudl be fired so quickly he might not realize it until he was filling out his unemployment forms. We need to fight for the same protection of students when sexuality is attacked in the classroom.

  4. curtis says

    You know what the only unatural and unholy abomination here is the lunatic Bigot that needs to be striped of her tenure and removed from any position of authority.

  5. says

    This teacher is a hypocrite. He says he is being denied his Constitutional rights because his student is forcing her sexuality on him. But, at the same time, he is forcing his sexuality on her, which he thinks he has the right to do. Hypocrite.

  6. Smartypants says

    CFox beat me to it. The headline is very misleading and piles on Indiana, when (for once) the actual culprit is in Pennsylvania. A bit of trivia — Indiana, PA is Jimmy Stewart’s hometown.

  7. Matthew says

    Come IU Bloomington, Christina! It’s very gay friendly, and it has a better business school.

    PS. So her professor couldn’t even get the Adam and Steve joke right? What a loser.

  8. Jerry says

    I also believe the headline could be clearer. This happened in Pennsylvania. He will probably be declared a hero and have a Street name after him or a parade in his honor.

  9. Marc C says

    This is the hole where I lived in from age 8 to 27. I went to school at IUP. LGB cowards denigrated me saying I was a “model” gay when I said they needed to be vocal and visible and stand up for themselves. Then they would return to their parties to swill more booze, suck d!ck and mince in their closets.

    It’s soooooo f’ing nice to be to be proven right. Guess I was ahead of my time because the contempt is just dripping off of me.

  10. Francis says

    Fundie bigotry strikes again. Seems like many of them take roles as teachers. Since they can’t keep their mouths shut, I guess they will, one by one, continue exposing their homophobia, and hopefully there are consequences accordingly.

  11. Abel says

    Listening carefully to the video, I think the professor is a woman. “Diversity training forced upon HER.” She should be fired, stripped of tenure and then burnt at the stake. Enough of this free speech crap. We don’t pay money to be humiliated in class. Keep your religious views in the Dark Ages, where they belong.

  12. Rin says

    The cool thing about college (unlike high school) is when your prof is an a-hole you can call him on it in class. The playing field is more leveled.

    I had a professor who was pure 100% evil when his wife left him and if you were female he would abuse you horribly. I got into it with him in class, he tried to mess with my grade, I took it to the department head and…voila! He got suspended and that was that.

    She had the opportunity to engage his bigotry in a public forum. That is part of the educational process and probably the whole class is wiser for it. It is rare that you have the opportunity to face down your detractors in life.

    Kudos to her.

  13. Vky says

    Oh look, a christian being a bigot…that almost never happens… (sigh)

    Of course, anyone who alludes to Adam and Eve merely makes me point out that this meant Cain and Abel were giving their Mum an Eiffel Tower and the whole human race is based on seething incest….nice story…

  14. MKe says

    same thing happened to me in 2005 in my intro to political science class when the discussion turned to homosexuality, the professor got brash and ignorant, i stood up for myself and was verbally abused… ugh i wish i could have spoken up. but it was 2005.

  15. Jim Stone says

    Can you imagine if he (or she) went off on her because let’s say she was Black and he was prejudiced? The teacher would have been fired immediately… I wonder when people will finally come to the conclusion that sexual orientation is not a choice?? You would think that this bigot is educated since they are a teacher.. INCREDIBLE!!!!!

  16. Bill says

    It is always especially odd to me that women participate in this mass abuse of gay citizens.

    I find it so odd, because I do not hear any of these women advocating for women to be treated as the bible states they should be treated.

    Yet they are totally on board with gay people being treated as the bible states?

    Women are usually smart. I guess ‘christianity’ does away with that.

  17. not acceptable says

    Several commenters refer to the professor as a male, but **at about 1:38 the reporter seems to refer to the professor as “her.”**

    If I were paying thousands of dollars in tuition to hear that, wow….

  18. Tim says

    Just thought some people might be interested to learn the professor involved is a woman, not that it makes a difference in what has happened here. I’m so glad Nina is making a difference!

  19. says

    Wow, talking about your students in any negative way in public is just plain unprofessional. Of course, this is so much worse than that, but geez, WTF? How could this person even be an instructor?

  20. Heather says

    I grew up in this area too. The house most of my life was spent in is a 30 minute drive from the building this happened in. Though it may have gotten better in the year and a half I’ve been gone, the small-town attitudes towards not only the LGBT community, but also ethnic minorities and sometimes even those with disabilities was why I left and don’t plan on ever returning. I wish the best to her, for not only her sake but all the LGBT students of IUP that I consider friends

  21. Mykelb says

    State Universities are supported by TAX DOLLARS. No University supported by TAX DOLLARS should allow this kind of behavior from any STATE EMPLOYEE. Fire her ass.

  22. IUPalum says

    The professor’s name is Dr. Ashamalla (a female)…Something the media has left out for some reason. Ashamalla has a long history of gay bashing and going on religious rants in the classroom. It’s about time it caught up to her.

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