1. Kevin says

    Meanwhile, another teach was INSTANTLY fired for making anti-Semitic comments at an OWS rally. It just goes to show, some hate is tolerated, other hate is not.

  2. gaylib says

    These stupid bigots disgust me. They can’t even think of anything more original to defend their hate with than to stand on the backs of dead bullied teens and claim to be bullied themselves. They are lower than scum.

  3. DCW says

    As unfortunate it is that there are teachers who feel this way overseeing anyone’s education, it is truly disgusting that a woman who cannot spell, use proper grammar or simply proofread her remarks before posting them is able to call herself a “teacher” in any way, shape or form. I might be able to forgive her ignorance, but I am unable to overlook her illiteracy. She should be removed from her “teaching” position for that alone.

  4. Francis says

    So true, Kevin and Gaylib. But here is the reality. In the eyes of social/religious conservatives, and homophobes in general, being gay is a chosen behavior. And in their eyes, unlike religious or other choices, being gay is about sexual behavior, not any moral principle an individual holds. So they simply don’t see anti-gay discrimination as the same (if they recognize anti-gay discrimination at all). And they feel entitled to their homophobia in the name of religion or whatever ignorant reasonings they have.

    It’s such a joke, but that’s what it is. No other group does the “my religion/morals/discomfort etc. dictates my attitudes” excuse work. NO OTHER GROUP does it work with. It doesn’t work with the Jewish, doesn’t work with Mormons (look at the heat Rick Perry and his associates are getting for their anti-Mormonism views), it doesn’t work with blacks, it doesn’t work with men who view women as second class. It only works with LGBT citizens. And that’s all because people view our community as the sexual behavior community, not human being fighting for equal rights we’re being withheld because of our sexual orientation.

    Stories like this should make it all loud and clear: We ARE the whipping boys and girls of America.

  5. says

    HOW can this woman be a teacher? She can’t spell, she uses the wrong words several times, and she can’t seem to get through a simple sentence without making some grammatical error. I mean, nobody is perfect, but she is a teacher!! Her ignorance goes beyond just her bigotted views on homosexuality, clearly. I can only hope she gets what she deserves, being fired.

  6. Kyul says

    If students can be held accountable and be suspended for what they say and do outside of school/online then why can’t teachers? I don’t see the problem… Fire her and move on. Teachers should be TEACHING not judging and ridiculing. The welfare of the children comes first. This is the reason we have problems in school.

  7. mike128 says

    It amazes me that people like this claim to have close friends and loved ones who are gay. Gay people: Why do you continue to hang out and put up with friends like this??! This woman should be writing that all her gay friends and family have shunned her for her backwards, jack-ass beliefs.

  8. Rin says

    Wow she said “Zionist” too…not even “Jew” and they gave her the boot.

    I’m not sure I’m okay with someone protesting the Federal Reserve and pointing out that many of our policies are favorable to national allies and getting fired.

    That’s a little different than the the Jersey teacher and her Facebook diatribe. The Facebook chick would make me wonder as a parent of a gay teen in her class if she could be fair and impartial. the other is just anti-Israeli policies and not antisemitic (unless I read it wrong).

  9. Ernie says

    @Sarah: It was more than inappropriate, as you suggest.

    Identifying yourself as a teacher and then publicly targeting (she could have kept her remarks private; she did not) a class of people–a class which includes your students and their families–as “perverted” and a “cancer” is, at the very least, grossly unprofessional and hostile speech, speech that creates a hostile learning environment, one that should not be tolerated. Gay kids, or kids from gay families, should not be have to be mentored by someone who has no reservations about freely expressing animosity towards them in the public square. She had the right to say it; that doesn’t mean she has the right to hold her job.

  10. Tim says

    Where do we get these folks? This is beyond sad. Sure, she has made her point and that is she is ignorant and a bigo, will loose her job and made a fool of herself. She is doing the work of Jesus? I think not!

  11. RJ says

    Don’t you just love how they view their bigotry as “freedom of speech” (it is), but they cry “bully!” when they’re called out for it (also covered by freedom of speech).

    Also, after reading Knox’s original post, I had to LOL @ DCW’s bang-on comment above: “…(what is) truly disgusting (is) that a woman who cannot spell, use proper grammar or simply proofread her remarks before posting them is able to call herself a “teacher” in any way, shape or form…”

  12. Mike says

    The first comment from @Kevin hit the nail on the head… the reality is same hate is socially unacceptable (such as race or religion) but sexual orientation is open season. It’s so hypocritical and ridiculous. The lady is a kook, and I don’t think she intended it to be hate speech – but that is the problem isn’t it. We’ve built up this “get out of jail free card” for religious people to say outrageous things about gays… but society doesn’t give them that “pass” if they speak that way about race. If you watch this season of Dexter you’ll see a story line of people doing criminal behavior in the name of religion. They truly believe they are doing the right thing, but they’re nuts. The press and politicians are enabling lunatics to attack a minority. This has got to stop. Why people aren’t connecting the dots on this is beyond me!

  13. Gigi says

    If she was white and she’d posted messages that called black people the “N” word and said that she sided with the beliefs of the KKK, would people be defending her right to express her beliefs? No, they wouldn’t.

  14. Kevin says

    NOM is now defending this teacher’s “free speech rights” and she wasn’t even fired. I wonder, though, if NOM will be defending the “free speech rights” of the above linked teach who WAS fired for her anti-Semitic speech. After all, the two cases are IDENTICAL except for the victims of the hatred. /rhetorical

  15. ewe says

    I went to that meeting. It was the same ol predictable rant about her right to believe in gODD. This nonsense is insane. The alliance fund attorney tried to strongarm the board by insinuating that they had better not dare try to fire this teacher or they would be responsible for all legal monies incurred. The Alliance Fund does not realize that gay people welcome litigation and are not going to be victimized by evangelicals who make themselves out to be the victim. Gay people need to stop defending who they are. Ms. Knox is the only one who should be on the defense. The School Board has the legal responsibility to stop one persons faith from entering the school system so they do not spend all their time stopping all peoples faith from entering the publicly funded tax paid secular school system.

  16. Robert in NYC says

    Being religious is chosen behavior, a lifestyle. Nobody comes into this world religious, all learned behavior, unlike our orientation which is immutable.

  17. Robert in NYC says

    If I had a teacher who wrote what she said with so many grammatical errors, I wouldn’t let her near children let alone teach them. Appalling to think she qualified as a teacher.

  18. DearComrade says

    This teachers comments reflect the absolute lunacy of religion and her belief that we must all live our lives according to the tenets of her personal beliefs. If you wish to believe in the supernatural go right ahead, just keep it to yourself.

  19. DearComrade says

    I’m going to create man and woman with original sin. Then I’m going to impregnate a woman with myself as her child, so that I can be born. Once alive, I will kill myself as a sacrifice to myself. To save you from the sin I originally condemned you to. Ta dah!!!!

  20. Walt says

    I really don’t think this woman should be allowed to teach anyone – not because of her beliefs regarding homosexuality, but because her command of the English language (or lack thereof) is atrocious. Seriously, how did she ever get a teaching certificate?

  21. Frank says

    I may not like what she said, but she also says that she is a friend of gays and loves her friends. It seems that her post is more about how her beliefs and feelings are torn. She has rights.

  22. Lexxvs says

    If physiognomy (assessment of a person’s character through external appearance) were a science, they would show the strongest evidence ever looking at the faces of this group.

  23. ewe says

    There was one black female commenter there last night that implied if the school had taken down the LGBT window display in the corridor like she had previously requested then ms. Knox would never have had to say what she did. This woman said she was offended by the window display as if it was sitting unwanted in her personal living room. If it was legal i would spit in that womans face. Of course everyone was told to be civil and not yell out. She then went on about how horrible Lady GAGA is. Whatever that means.. Can you imagine what the reaction would be if i said that the Black History Month display window in the corridor of the school offended me? Would people behave so civil? Would people stand outside and say that that i was being bullied for saying that? That is exactly the same poor taste this woman displayed and she should be told to STFU. It is the school boards legal responsibility to protect all types of LGBT children. Never mind the fact no one has even addressed the fact that other gay adults may be employed in the school and have every right to turn around and file a lawsuit against the town for keeping her on and maintaining a hostile workplace.

  24. ewe says

    I have heard people say that ms Knox is a spiritual person. She most certainly is not spiritual. A spiritual person is one that celebrates the spirit of people and specifically the spirits of young people. She is a disgrace to the spirit and she is a disgrace to the tenets of religion. She must go just like Garden State Equality says. Let her file a lawsuit. She will lose and the Alliance Fund should be told the same thing they threatened the school with which is that the township will file a suit against her to recoup what taxdollars they spend. This is pathetic. I was at this meeting and there were clusters of people jibber jabbering about gODD. That is the only bizarre defense they THINK they have.

  25. ewe says

    It is really sad. These people defenging Ms. Knox feel that they are the victims and were completely oblivious to the young speakers who said that Ms. Knox discriminated against them. Their complex is so deeply dysfunctional that the only solution is the one we have… If you feel so deeply about your personal religion then do find a way of making your living that does not come directly from the tax base.

  26. Francis says

    No, Frank, she is not our friend. Anti-gays are not pro-gay, and they are not friends of gay people nor the gay community. Friends don’t call friends cancers.

    I REALLY wish people would stop making excuses for homophobia, but as long as homophobes have the moral card, and the God card, nothing is going to change. In fact homophobes are getting more emboldened now that we as a community are actually making progress. And too many of us are letting them get away with that by allowing them to freely use the God card to get themselves out of taking responsibility of what they say.

    She is WRONG and needs to be terminated.

  27. Rin says

    No one stopped her from posting on Facebook or arrested her.

    That’s free speech.

    Telling a teacher with a classroom of diverse students that they cannot publicly make comments regarding personal beliefs that could affect those students emotionally (and the security of their grades) is just making an employment stipulation. IF she was not told that then she should be reprimanded instead of fired but told if she does it again she WILL be fired.

    You are allowed to make conditions of employment. You can’t make them after the fact but you can make them prior without it infringing upon free speech.

  28. ewe says

    The defense for being openly racist can be found in the same kooky bible she is using to defend her homophobia. It will not hold up in court. Please lets hope this goes to court.

  29. millerbeach says

    Doesn’t the Bible also say something about those without sins cast the first stones? This woman is certainly not without sin, she was born that way (HA! Lady Gaga, thanks!) if she believes all the drivel her “church” spews out. Also, Jesus is about love, not hate. She also needs to look in the mirror…she’s porked out quite a bit, and the seams in those clothes must be praying for mercy. Keep this in mind the next time you hit the buffet, Miss Viki. Eating like a pig is also a MORTAL sin. Maybe you wouldn’t be so hateful if you focused on yourself and dropped some pounds. Who knows, maybe even your self-image will improve! See, turn this into a learning moment…oh, and you might want to bone up on proper grammar usage in the English language…your Facebook post is an grammatical embarrassment to teachers everywhere. If I were on the school board (and you should feel damn glad I am not) I would have fired your fat, sorry, ugly ass for the bad grammar you spew. Don’t choke on all that hate, sweetheart, you won’t have room for dessert!

  30. Jerry6 says

    What I never see in any comments by these religious teacher bigots is how a gay student in a teacher’s class has any direct, or even indirect, effect on that teacher’s personal life either in or out of class. Also, how about all those teachers who had gay students over the years, but did not know it?

    Where are these teacher being harmed?

  31. roomy_pocket says

    As religious bigots go, she seems pretty reasonable. Of course I passionately disagree with her conclusions, but I think all the outrage is misplaced. Getting her fired isn’t going to change anyone’s mind; she’ll just be a martyr to like-minded people. And unless I’m missing some information, no children were harmed or mistreated in any way. I’m a raving liberal, but this level of thought-policing makes me uncomfortable because I have some rather unpopular beliefs of my own (atheism, socialism, Ryan Reynolds is a good actor and totally straight) and wouldn’t particularly appreciate a mob getting me fired for expressing them on my own time on my personal Facebook page.

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