Mitt Romney to Share Stage with Anti-Gay Hate Group Leader

Mitt Romney is set to share the stage this weekend with the American Family Association's Bryan Fischer, the radio mouthpiece of a certified hate group who claims Hitler was gay and the Nazi party started in a gay bar, wants homosexuality criminalized and calls it a "deathstyle", believes being gay is a choice, and has alleged that gay soldiers will commit hate crimes against Christian soldiers.

Romney_fischer Romney speaks in the slot before Fischer and has been asked to publicly distance himself from the hate group leader at the podium:

The conference planners have obliged Mr. Romney, scheduling him to speak right before Bryan Fischer, who is chief spokesman for the family association and is known for his strident remarks on homosexuality, gay rights, Muslims and Mormons. Their talks will be followed by a panel of same-sex marriage opponents.

The liberal advocacy group People for the American Way has called on the presidential candidates, and especially Mr. Romney because he will share a stage, to publicly disassociate themselves from Mr. Fischer and what it called, in a statement on Wednesday, his “unmitigated bigotry.” The Southern Poverty Law Center has made similar appeals to the candidates.

Said Michael Keegan, president of People for the American Way: “If Mitt Romney wants to appeal to mainstream audiences, he should publicly disassociate himself from Fischer’s bigotry before handing him the podium.”


  1. Jack M says

    Romney will be the next Republican candidate for President, so we’d all better get ready. If he wins, he’ll promote his conservative Mormon-laced agenda and put this country into a deep conservative hole.

  2. Pete n SFO says

    Who is holding the conference?

    Romney on stage w/ intolerance is fine by me. Other candidates will have a Field-Day.

    It just shows how desperate his campaign is, if at this point they’re willing to get in bed w/ a guy so far out of the mainstream of American thinking.

  3. gomez says

    what a two-faced panderer to the haters. he will be the nom and if the economy really hits the shitter, and unless his obvious flip-flopping undercuts him,
    he will probably be prez

    then we’re gonna have to contend with nom pressuring him to be even more anti-gay with that pledge they pressured him to sign

    bleh, what a tool

  4. Bob R says

    Obama’s 501c PACs should hang this around Romney’s neck like an Albatross, if he becomes the GOP nominee. I know Obama won’t touch it because his hands aren’t exactly clean in this area either.

  5. Name: says

    First Obama chooses Rick Warren to be at his inauguration and now Romney is at the same event as another homophobe. All this proves is to be a the leader of the FREE world, you still have to be in the presence of homophobes if they’re invited or not.

  6. Forrest says

    For one thing, if he’s going to criminalize gay marriage, he might as well criminalize heterosexual marriage all together since that is contradicting since we all know in 99.7% of cases of gay people don’t “choose to be gay”. He gets in, there will be riots and marches, when he bans gay marriage,not only that he’s going to ban birth control from women, and make laws making girls and guys to have to be 21 to buy condoms and lube. I’m not voting for him…. his beliefs are wacked out.

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