North Carolina Senator James Forrester, Who Worked to Ban Same-Sex Marriage, is Dead at 74

Earlier I posted that North Carolina state senator James Forrester, the lead sponsor of the state's successful bill to constitutionally ban same-sex marriage, was hospitalized.

He has died: Forrester

Family members said the 11-term senator – who represented Gaston and Lincoln counties – was admitted to Gaston Memorial Hospital over the weekend. He died Monday.

"Jim was a dear friend who I respected and admired. He had a long and distinguished career serving the people of North Carolina. The thoughts and prayers of everyone at the North Carolina Republican Party are with Mary Frances and the Forrester family tonight," said North Carolina GOP Chairman Robin Hayes in a statement.

Forrester, an 11-term senator and physician, was 74. He made headlines in September when he told a town hall that gay people die early and should adopt a "normal lifestyle."


  1. jayjay says

    i’m glad to see this idiot adopt a dead lifestyle. i’m only jealous because it’s hot in hell and so cold here.

  2. Rob says

    74 eh? THat’s old, but a whole lot of people live longer. Maybe a “normal lifestyle” isn’t so great afterall.

  3. ohplease says

    He was an evil man and it’s good that he’s gone and even better that there are fewer and fewer like him left with each passing day.

  4. Joseph says

    This man was my elected official. I suffered through his and his wife’s hate for over 20 years. Hateful words, hateful actions, just pure hate, all in the name of their religious piety.

  5. says

    So obviously a closeted self hater- the dippity-doo curl that he fashioned on his head- no straight man would walk around with that.

  6. Pam Ann says

    Departure for Hell now boarding. Would passenger James Forrester please report to Gate 666? This is your first and final boarding call.

  7. Come on... says

    I don’t agree with he’s ways and words but I do send my prayers to his family and friends. Never easy to loose a loved one.

  8. mcNnyc says

    for all the pain and suffering and ill advice he gave his constituents
    and patients he will not be missed.

    Sad that he did not have the chance or time to repent his hateful words and deeds.

  9. oliver says

    Please post where he will be buried so I can piss on his grave when next I visit North Carolina.

  10. CPT_Doom says

    I sincerely hope he had only gay, lesbian and trans health care workers at the end, and they showed him exactly the same level of compassion he’d shown our community over the years.

  11. Brian G says

    Sen. Forrester’s last words were “If I’m wrong about homosexuals, may God strike me down.” Irony

  12. Doug M says

    This man’s views were despicable but everyone who is cheering his death is just as bad as he was. Despite the horrible things he believed he was still a human being. These comments do not help our cause and do not gain us any allies. We are better than this!

  13. says

    if you’re gonna waste your life working against human equality and promoting a culture of bigotry, prejudice and exclusivity then the best give you can give humanity is your death.

    for real. the man joins the ranks of Jesse Helms and Jerry Falwell of people who died whom the world is glad to be rid of.

  14. Yuki says

    I’m sad we’ve lost another life, but I’m glad he can’t do any more to try and dehumanize sexual minorities. Mixed feelings.

  15. vwdavy says

    i hope he dressed lightly, for quite warm weather. and remembered to grease up properly. i hear those pineapple going up one’s ass every day really can smart.

  16. walter says

    no great loss to humanity. you can’t expect love if you preach hate and in his case stupidity.

  17. NC voter says

    As a North Carolinian from his district, two points: 1) Best news I’ve heard all day 2) Yay!

  18. I'm Layla Miller I Know Stuff says

    Pathologicals and Prejudice

    In The Anatomy of Prejudices Elizabeth Young-Bruehl looks at such “primary prejudices” as sexism, racism, anti-Semitism and homophobia. She argues that they fall into one or another combination of categories: obsessional, hysterical, or narcissistic.

    Obsessional (Malcontent) prejudice, by her definition, sees its objects as omnipresent conspirators or enemies set on one’s destruction, who therefore must be eliminated.

    Hysterical (Histrionic) prejudice interprets the hated individuals as “other, as inferior, and as sexually threatening”. Racism is the best example of hysterical prejudice.

    Narcissistic prejudice “cannot tolerate the idea that there exist people who are not like them”. She argues that homophobia alone fits all these categories, and this might help account for its persistence and prevalence.
    –Vannessa Baird, The No-Nonsense Guide to Sexual Diversity, pg 72

  19. David Mudkips says

    Condolences to his family and friends. I don’t celebrate any death. That said, the natural retirement of the old guard (and their fixed and antiquated beliefs) is how progress is made. This kind of turnover has been the steadiest source of advancement of gay equality I’ve seen.

  20. Cocoamonk says

    You know, as much as I hated, loathed, and detested this man… As much as I WANT to open up some vintage cocoa packs and celebrate, and laugh at his death….

    ….I just can’t find myself to take pleasure in the death of someone…. I can’t tell if this is good or bad….

  21. anon says

    The tendency of politicians to want to die with their boots on is pathetic. Had he retired he might have enjoyed life and let societal progress take its course, but no, like Strom Thurmond and others, he thought in terms of only his own impulses.