1. Joey says

    Obama is so far right that the only people left to oppose him from that side are crazy. These protests are all that is left of the American desire for democracy and fair play. The police state is now reasserting its authority in the name of protecting the people.

  2. say what says

    come on

    OWs is like on its 39th day and growing… world wide now

    How about you move on from being a sleeping sheep and wake up

    and before max chimes in again reposting extreme right wing talking points from neocon bill kristol about anti-semitism

    How about checking out the ADL (just the largest Jewish org on the planet) which has stated that of course there are some anti-semities at OWs just as anywhere else that ADL has not found such to be any part of OWs leadership, the majority of OWs, or OWs platform and or goal.

    That a large proportion of OWs leadership is itself in fact Jewish and that many OWs protests have found protesters defending sukkahs from police trying to remove them when they were put up during sukkot by Jewish OWs members as part of Occupy Judaism = support for OWs as well as highlighting parts of Jewish religious teachings that are completely in alignment with OWs goals

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