1. Bob R says

    Gee, it appears Palin is a liar and a thief and just strung willfully ignorant people along for her own financial gain. Whodathunkit!?!

    She’s a professional grifter (as is her entire family, knda like Wasilla gypsies) and there will always be suckers eager to be her mark. They’re called Republicans.

  2. oliver says

    Well now, it would appear that everyone who donated to her PAC can legally do a credit card charge-back citing “unfair and deceptive business practices”.

  3. ohplease says

    None of this is a surprise and none of this will change anything.

    The only thing that could possibly come out of this is that the people who gave her money for nothing won’t give her any more and that people who may have given her money in the future now won’t.

    But that possibility relies solely on Republican voters being smart with their money and that is the opposite of reality, so the Palin crime family has nothing to worry about.

    And even if she never made another dishonest cent for the rest of her life? She has enough money right now to fund generations of hillbillies to come.

    As usual, the joke’s on us.

  4. jaragon says

    Palin is crazy like a fox- she made sure her brand name was out there so can continue her real career as fame whore-actually I respect Crhistie for resisting the lure of reality tv (Biggest Looser: Republican Edition)

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