1. HadenoughBS says

    Can anyone PLEASE explain to me why Mittens or any other GOPer would make the best next US President? I don’t understand how any group can vote against its own self-interests but that seems to be what the LCRs and GOProud contingency are intent on doing. I consider myself to be a logical person but no one has convinced me that GOPer + gay = common sense. And, if you think you’ve got the convincing answer, then explain to me how same-sex marriage detroys that other type of marriage. Go on, I dare you!

  2. says

    They’ll push all that aside, HadenoughBS. To the Log Cabinettes and GOProders the only thing that matters is money — which for them equals fredom. In their addled view the Republican party makes it possible for eeryone to have more money — and therefore do as they please.

    This is of course utterly idiotic, but that won’t stop the usual KAPOS from posting their blather.

  3. kit says

    It would be a lot easier to dismiss the whole “I don’t tell people what is right and what is wrong — I don’t lecture people on their morality” if all these right-wing fascists didn’t spend so much of their time telling the gay community what is right and what is wrong and lecturing us on our morality.

  4. Francis says

    Exactly, Kit. That’s really what this comes down to here. They take any potential moment to disparage LGBT citizens and tell us how they disagree with our “lifestyle”, but play the “I don’t judge” card. But since Mitt is on a mission to prove his “conservative credentials”, not surprised he didn’t have the humanity to say the obvious thing, that this soldier being booed the way he was, was horrendous. As for his leadership qualities, clearly non-existent, but that was already known.

  5. say what says

    David E.

    The irony is that repub policies do not allow people to keep more of their money. The policies of repubs only allow the top 1% to keep more money while everyone else has seen their incomes/ wealth stagnate or decline due to repub policies

  6. Scott says

    What a spineless, backless moron- and to think HE’S the moderate- the one I was hoping would win the GOP nomination, instead of Bachmann or Santorum.

  7. MikeMick says

    Why the surprise? Look back through his political career. He’s always been an equivocating shitbag.

  8. jamal49 says

    What a wuss. I’m sure the GOProud Girls and the Log Cabinettes are just panting over Mittie’s latest non-answer. Lord, what will they do when that big ol’ bear, Chris Christie, waddles into the race?

  9. oliver says

    This tells me that Mitten’s people (aka his Top Aides)feel that more people agree with the booing than disagree; so he’s banking on that.

  10. Giuseppe says

    All these Republican contenders have blood on their hands for failing to condemn the blatant show of bigotry.

  11. walter says

    this man wants to commander in chief he lacks the balls to be it. the man is wishy washy and lacks a backbone.