1. BreckRoy says

    I always found Rosie immensely likeable and “real” as an actress/comedienne (a less schticky Roseanne with a few more acting chops) in films like ANOTHER STAKEOUT, EXIT TO EDEN, THE FLINTSTONES, and A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN. And then she got political and angry for a decade. Often, I sympathized with her positions, and definitey think the world tended to side with the hot, blonde on THE VIEW spewing typically passionate but ill-supported conservative crap. Rosie always, as she said, came across as the fat, unattractive, angry lesbian beating up on America’s princess. And she didn’t help herself by genuinely having what appeared to be outsized responses to things, especially perceived anti-gay words, etc. (remembr her angrily calling out gay-friendly Kelly Ripa national TV for being a vicious homophobe while the world scratched its head?). Her personal life fell apart and she stopped being funny which is the only thing that keeps biting political attacks from being just attacks (see Whoopi who often makes the same points Rosie did, more agreeably). I am glad to hear about her hormone therapy (which made perfect sense when I heard about it, as I watched my boss go through a similar ugly descent just before menopause and return to her old self after hormones) and to see her return to a more playful, brighter, less political format. She has that sense of fun in common with many people of all sexual orientations and political stripes and seems to be happier being a professional variety show host and sometimes activist, as opposed to being a full time activist who’s platform is being a host. I wish her and anyone who has has a descent and is attempting to return to some sense of balance and peace luck. I just hope the audience is willing to see her in this old/new way, and not hold onto the angry liberal image she part cultivated, part got unfairly saddled with.

  2. ohplease says

    Breckroy, your rant was impossible to get through after the first few lines (then I skimmed and skipped to the end), but I get it.

    You hate women, you hate fat people, you hate liberals, you hate lesbians and you hate fat, women, liberal lesbians.

    For your own sake, you might want to consider that you’re at least a teensy-weensy bit insane.

  3. BreckRoy says

    Huh? I believe you when you say you didnt read it, since I said nothong of the sort. I am an unapologetic liberal myself (and overweight) said I always found her likeable, thought she had a point when she said America was always siding with the “blonde, thin princess”Hasselbeck vs. (Rosie’s words during one of her famous on air fights) “the big, fat angry lesbian.” I was pointing out that it was unfair to Rosie…also pointing out that Rosie was unfortunately not helped in the public arena by whay appeared to be increasing anger and instability…so at odds with the blue collar girl like us meets Queen of Nice reputation she had. It was disturbing for fans like me to see her villainized ans literally become a tea party bogey(wo)man. I DVR’d her Oprah interview (because, again, I’m a FAN) and she talked movingly about getting on hormones and how they saved her life and relationships because she was not so moody, so angry all the time. And then I closed with the observation that I liked her as a an actress/host who is secondarily an activist vs. the other way around. That, in my opinion is both a better fit for her personal happiness and for her desire to entertain each day. That was not hate for her gender, politics, or weight. Have you read any of my other hundreds of posts here on Towleroad? I am hardly a troll or a hater of anyone. And I can only think of one post that.even remotely came odf that way over the years and that was a learning experience for me. please dont assume anything from one paragraph written on a phone on the subway…and do not blast me and accuse me of hate when you admit you didnt even read my whole posy, just the first and last sentences.

  4. BreckRoy says

    And a note…I could have been more emphatic in support of Rosie and in declaring my fandom credibility before launching into the more construcyive analysis, and I can see how my words coul be read a variety of ways, but to accuse me of being hateful of women, lesbians, liberlas, when I am a bisexual black man who is politically active here in DC and in my old military circles is unfair especially since I have a long tradition of thoughtful and supportive posts on here. Again, quick response on the Metro this morning, not as well writen as it could have been. But to accuse me of hate, the very thing I fight against every day and was the victim of during my time in the military is unfair.

  5. Dawn says

    I’m just bummed I don’t have cable to watch her. Just not worth the price, but maybe I can catch something online every so often.
    Glad to see she is back and her life is more under control.

    Gay isn’t a choice but attitude is!

  6. ohplease says

    Breckroy, I sincerely apologize for causing offense. As I said, I skimmed your comment because, to me, it was reading as an anti-Rosie rant. It just so happened that the parts I did read didn’t give an accurate picture of all that you wrote.

    Rosie does inspire insane hate among many people, unfortunately. The fact that she’s an outspoken gay woman is enough to make many people despise her. Add to that the fact that she’s popular, rich and — fictional god forbid — fat and even more people pile on the hate train. But the fact is that she has never said anything that wasn’t accurate, right and true. Which means, of course, that even more people hate her.

    I do, however, completely disagree that there’s one thing wrong with liberal people being angry. What else should liberals be feeling as they watch the world being destroyed by out-of-control billionaires? And if America has a problem with anyone being angry, how do you explain all these rich angry people on the TV?

    Rosie is a success story, not a cautionary tale. She’s risen above nearly everything that could possibly stand in a person’s path to success in the last thirty years and she’s beat them all. I wouldn’t worry about how she’s percieved, as she always seems to be doing just fine.

  7. breckroy says

    @OHPLEASE, apology accepted. I could have been clearer and can’t say enough how much I admire your passion. I’m glad we were both able to explain and think the discussion and appreciation of Rosie is shared. Thanks for your responses.

  8. Thomas says

    The second episode of her new show started with Rosie comically reading bad reviews for her first episode, that was hilarious to me. The only negative thing I have to say about the show is the set…it is way to dark. But I adore Rosie and will keep tuning in.