Talk Show Appearance Leads To Jail For Three Gay Men In Ghana

GhanaflagThree men, all lovers, appeared on a Jerry Springer-esque TV show in Ghana to dish about their romantic difficulties. The Ghanian police didn't like it. According to GhanaWeb:

The police, who were shocked at what transpired, quickly apprehended the three suspects without hesitation, as their several pleas to the senior police officers for pardon after their quarrels landed them in trouble.

The suspects were Inusah Issifu, 27, pork dealer, Samuel Lartey, a 19-year old student and Kingsley Quansah, a 25-year-old caterer. Two other persons also believed to be gay and connected to the arrested persons were currently on the run.

One was named Charles and the other Obolo. All three arrested persons were said to be residents of Tema. Some of the items retrieved from them at the time of the arrest were water-based lubricant suspected to be used for penetration, petroleum jell, dressing mirror, tooth brush and paste and dresses among others.

Superintendent Alex C. Wowolo, who confirmed the incident to Daily Guide, noted that on October 19, 2011, one of the arrested persons, Samuel, reported a case of unnatural carnal knowledge against Inusah and alleged that he suspected Inusah of lacing his drink with tranquilizers which made him fall asleep.

Samuel Lartey He told the police that while he was asleep, he felt some heaviness on him and woke up only to see Inusah sodomizing him and even though he wanted to free himself, he could not because his assailant was too heavy for him to overpower …

… and so on. Later, Samuel admitted that he was Inusah's willing lover, and he "begged the police for mercy." You can read the whole sad mess here. Check out the comments section. Ghanians, in the main, don't seem to be fans of mercy. Although homosexual acts are only a misdemeanor in Ghana, the prevailing public sentiment is most succinctly expressed by the commenter who wrote:

Don't send them to prison. They will surely convert all inmates into homosexuals. The only solution is to CUT OFF THEIR MANHOOD and close up the open with plastic through surgery.

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  1. Brian says

    This is terrible of course, but, like many of these stories coming out of Africa, the action of the gays involved is very confusing. And to be fair (and controversial) since gay sex is illegal, it would be pretty hard for the police to ignore this. I mean Samuel filed a report with the police saying one of the guys had raped him. Then to further boost his public profile, they all went on this Jerry Springer like thing and bitched not about how unfair Ghana’s laws are, but about how each cheated on the other. Samuel then retracted the complaint and confessed that he was the lover of his purported rapist. They even helpfully added details of giving each other a venereal disease to conform to the worst prejudices about gays. None of this is helpful to promoting much needed gay rights in Africa.

  2. Jeff says


    You mean a backwards country like the USA where homosexual children are executed by their classmates or bullied until they commit suicide. A country where LGBT people can still be fired for their sexual orientation. A nation like the USA where one of the major political parties, the GOP, regularly uses anti-gay rhetoric along with referenda and laws to get out the vote?

    Yep! Backwards!

    By the way, many of the so-called ‘backwards’ third-world countries have anti-gay/sodomy laws thanks to their former colonial masters, like Great Britain.

    Americans are too willing to point a finger at other nations instead of looking at home. It’s a short-sighted, arrogant move that ignores the very real dangerous conditions that exist in the U.S. Children are still being sent to camps to be de-gayed.

    Look at the current crop of Republican presidential contenders. They would all happily pass anti-gay laws to get elected.

  3. Mel Smith says

    The United States should not deal with nations that don’t respect the basic human rights of people.

    Arresting people for being gay is the equivalent to arresting people for being left-handed.

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