1. says

    I tip my hat to this vanguard.

    His stories, and others like him, need to be kept alive and indeed need to be shared with all the grown-ass adults, ADULTS, who continue to justify being Closeted in 2011.

    People have been Coming Out in times far more unforgiving than today. There are no more reasons for adults in North America to be Closeted – only excuses.

    Help Out, Come Out.

  2. DeeperStill says

    The LGBT community here in Denmark have lost perhaps the greatest gay rights pioneer we ever had. But he had a long and rewarding life indeed. I just wish he would have lived just a little longer, so he could have seen the first couple to actually marry, when it becomes totally equal under the law, sometime after new year. May he rest in Peace.

    You did good, Axel!

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