1. says

    if it was about “get a room” and not “gay or straight” then there wouldnt’ have been a “prayer circle” afterward.

    i mean COME ON….. “oh, it’s not because they’re gay, they were just being really really in your face about it…”

    yeah. right. PRAYER CIRCLE – COME ON, folks. never forget that to a great many bigots, the type who’d arrange bloody prayer circles about gay people, any form of physical expression of our “gayness” is too much.

  2. Keith says

    What’s the point of a PRide support group if they aren’t going to support you out of homophobic fear that homophobic businesses won’t support you?

    It was obvious that the pastor used a very innocent display of affection to pursue his persecution agenda.

    I applaud the protesters, and hope the PRide group comes out of their closet to support this couple as well.

  3. Steve says

    Why Protest the Tim Hortons? Protest the hateful church instead. I don’t know if the couple realize but when someone makes a complaint at any business the management have to do something about it whether they like it or not. Had he not they’d have had the church protesting it instantly instead of a week or so later.

    Plus it was mentioned in the last post that Tim Hortons TRIED to apologize for the incident and make amends (they are pretty good for that), but the couple refused it so they were just out to start a protest it sounds to me and I don’t feel much pity for them if they won’t even LISTEN when someone tries to make amends for something that happened.

  4. says

    So, it’s okay for straight people to show affection in public, but not gay people…

    And furthermore, isn’t holding a prayer circle a public display of religion? Perhaps they should keep that circle behind closed doors…so no one gets the wrong idea.

  5. Jean says

    Why can’t these lesbians present themselves as normal women? Looking at their photo, it is no wonder that the customer who complained thought that they were a hetero couple. Frankly, they look more like Laurel and Hardy, only more masculine. I can’t believe that any self-respecting lesbian would want to get with these wannabe men.

  6. Laughing Vergil says

    Steve: “Why Protest the Tim Hortons?”

    As the son of a business owner, I’ll tell you why. Because the business does NOT have to do something about every complaint, “… whether they like it or not.” It is bad for business to do so.

    Look – if the complaint was something about the business, be it a wobbly table or chair, a poorly cooked donut, or whatever, then the businessman needs to respond promptly. The response may be “no” (I’m sorry that our green and gold decor is not to your liking, but at this time we do not plan to change our corporate color scheme. Thank you for your opinion).

    If it is something about another customer, and it does not violate a corporate policy or directly interfere with the complainant’s rights, the company has every right to brush off the complaint as inappropriate. (I’m sorry that you feel that a navel piercing is inappropriate and should not be visible in public; this is not against our policy, and we will not be asking him to leave.) Acting otherwise is a good way to cut down your clientele and/or cause future problems – such as this protest.

    Acting on complaints such as this one does indicate that the owner/operator/manager supports the action taken. It is reasonable to protest inequitable treatment at any time.

  7. Derek says

    Listen up, Jean. The world and its people do not have to conform to your boring ass standards of what ‘normal’ is. You’ve got a very tiny little world you live in and what you deem as normal, and then there’s reality. These women were harming no one. I suggest you submit a picture of yourself for all of us to disparage and enforce our ideas of what ‘normal’ is.

    Get out of your basement, stop trolling, and live your life. There’s lots of different people out there. You’ll be okay.

  8. truth says

    First off, that city is not homophobic and that is why the public did not support the activist who did this upon himself to persucute the city. Second, the local gay pride chose not to protest because all the facts were unclear just like this report of it is untrue. The pride group also believes a protest is a last resort the last if a meet is not worked through. Here again is how the story goes wrong with even this report. 1. They were not ejected from the business, they were on the bench out side the store. 2. They were not ejected because they were lesbian, but because a customer asked the manager to ask them to tone down. Their PDA which was inappropriate in front of children that day. yes the complaintant was a preist, but he thought the couple was a boy & a girl (Not gay) The priest was with his kids in the store seeing them out on the bench through the store window. 3. There was no prayer circle, it was the priests youth group and parents talking in the driveway before leaving tim hortons. 4, A gay witness came forward who saw this and also agreed the couple crossed the line of PDA. 4. the activist is the only one and only person to say these claims about the local pride group not wanting to do anything.Note, the group declined because of the reason I already stated. This is not about gay, or straight,it was about “get a room’. It was the activist who contacted national media for his own agenda. This story had all the toppings for a virla story, but the fact is hislarge quinch for camera time backfired on him this time. Next time he may not jump the gun. Please every story about this case, everyone has different details. Both sides changed there story, but the activist is the only one to claim his agenda never did change.

  9. gay rights says

    Does it not seem odd that even the local Pride will not support this ‘occupy tim hortons protest? Even groups from across the country do not agree with what this particular activist did to destroy this city in front of a nation. Here is that cities pride groups official statement.
    Pride Chatham-Kent
    CK Pride will address homophobia when it is a problem. The problem in this past issue was that there are to many loose Facts, stories kept changing and. In addition that there was no conflict resolution considered, not even setting up some sort of meeting. Just because we are gay doesn’t give us the right to rally every time an incident occurs. We need to look at the bigger picture of the entire LGBTQ community and outweigh the facts of each case. CK Pride stands firm in their decision to not be at the rally, there were better ways to approach this issue then to rally.

    I encourage everyone to learn from this, and move forward. If there is an issue where conflict resolution cannot peacefully provide resolutions,then by all mean CK Pride will be there in full force to support anyone in this community.

    We agree that you need to step back and look at how issues in the past have been dealt with to get us the rights we have today in society. If every time we have a problem we simply just protest or rally; then what does that look for in the eyes of society and all those LGBTQ people who fought for our rights in the first place. Each situation and issue needs to remember that the LGBTQ community has always used conflict resolution in the past to solve their problems, and only in sever cases does the community ever result to a rally or protest.

    CK Pride does have sponsors in our community, however we would not base a decision based on loosing a sponsor. CK Prides mandate is on our website and we encourage you all to read it. We are here for the community and thank those who have taken the stand with us.

    We need to to also understand that there are ethic and values in society and just because we are GLBTQ doe not give us any special privileges. If in fact and we do not know the entire facts, but if PDA was that excessive that the couple was asked to leave due to this, we all need to understand that no matter who you are GLBTQ or heterosexual any business would have asked the couple to leave, as this is a public dwelling and PDA should be left for other places.

    We understand not everyone agrees with everyone, and that some believe that rallies should be the first thing to happen. This is not CK Prides Values or Ethics. We belief in peacefully resolution to a problem as most professional business belief in; and in the end of the day if you exhaust all other means of peaceful resolutions then you should rally for a cause, not at the first option. This is how we have the rights we have today to show our pride.

  10. Haley says

    There are a couple of items of concern.

    One is that this CK Pride group that passed on the vigil/protest seems to have a bit of underlying transphobia among its ranks since the group balked upon a call to action. It seems to this redneck gal from Arkansas (yes there are those that are TS/TG/CD even here) that some of the old-guard Glb(t) groups are more concerned about their contacts, cocktail parties, and corporate sponsorship than about standing up for Equality for all the LGBTQ.

    Another issue is with a couple of posters on this forum. It should not matter how the couple presents themselves. So what if the couple appears butch, femme, or in between. They are human beings and should be accorded the same respect. For those that attended the protest you have my blessings, for this CK Pride outfit shame.

  11. gay rights says

    The girls didn’t say there was a prayercircle, they left before that accusation happened. The girls said that their parents said their was a prayer circle after they had left. The girls said they were with (4-8) family members, no family has come out to say anything in support or against their their PDA at this point, whether is was overly done in public, or appropriate.

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