1. Jeffrey in St. Louis says

    Awesome! I’m not much for going to theaters anymore, but I’d probably go see this one. And I’ll definitely add it to my DVD collection when it becomes available.

  2. Mark says

    The way studios hype some of these movies by endlessly releasing previews and
    sneak peeks for 6 months to years before the film is released is really getting annoying.

    They do it so much that people get unrealistic expectations so that what would otherwise be considered a good film gets disappointing reviews because it isn’t as earth-shattering as all the build-up promised it would be.

    It makes me wonder if viewing audiences these days are really that jaded–a really hard sell–or both.

  3. Zlick says

    It’s amazing how motion-capture can’t seem to portray motion accurately. It may be counter-intuitive, but animators know how to play with the illusion of motion to make it look natural, and simply capturing motion and replaying it often looks unnatural. Or, maybe in this case, the weird slowy-type motion is what they’re going for.

    Either way, dead eyes are no more appealing on human characters than they were last year or the year before that.

  4. Acronym Jim says

    I agree Zlick. This looks like a fun movie, but it practically breathes uncanny valley-ness.

  5. Caliban says

    @Acronym Jim

    Uncanny Valley. THAT’s the phrase I was trying to think of! (I had Uncanny Plateau stuck in my head.)

    For those who don’t know, the “uncanny valley” is the range where artificial representations of human faces, emotions, expressions etc. are VERY close to reality but somehow not close enough. People perceive it as creepy and disturbing instead of impressive or entertaining. It has often been used to describe artificial robot “faces,” but also movies like “The Polar Express” where motion-capture is used.

    It’s hard to tell from this short trailer but this film may be in that valley.

  6. Dave says

    Definitely creepy uncanny valley. Also the keys joke is recycled and was funnier in ‘The Mask’ – ‘not the cheese, the keys…’

  7. dms says

    If it is going to mimic live-action, why not just make it live-action? All that trouble to animate it seems silly when you end up with “dead-eyed” characters. that said, it does look like it is a fun ride and it’s certainly a better trailer than the first.

  8. jaragon says

    Animation should be used to bring the impossible to live- dancing brooms, talking wabbits, flying elephants- this could have been done in live action.

  9. Brion says

    This looks better than the first trailer. “The Polar Express” still scares me senseless. Sadly, like Dolly’s new face. Have you seen the trailer for Joyful Noise?


  10. says

    It looks like they’ve got everything right about this movie… except the animation. Talk about Uncanny Valley — I’ve never found animation to be so turn-off-ish.

    Honestly, this makes what was done with Avatar all the more impressive — that’s the only motion-capture animation that’s ever looked good, though maybe it only works because it’s with giant blue people, instead of humans.

    In any event, despite the huge chunk of change they’ve put in this, I don’t think it’s going to work and will flop. It’s a shame, really, they have material there and it’s good, and they’ve brought together good talent to put it out — I just don’t know why on earth they decided to use motion-capture to use it. Live action would have been awesome, and short of that, they could have just used regular animation. Oh well.

  11. lookyloo says

    Yay!! I’m SOOO happy to see all the people here not liking ‘motion-capture’. I never understood how people could like it. It’s creepy. I hope it goes away. Luckily they’ve ditched Robert Zemeckis’ re-do of “Yellow Submarine.”