Towleroad Guide to the Tube #990

MARY MCALEESE: Irish president's acceptance speech for winning LGBT Political Figure of the Year at the GALAS (Gay and Lesbian Awards 2011).

VIETNAMESE JAVAN RHINO: On the verge of extinction.

NEST: Tony Fadell, former Apple engineer who helped develop the iPod, is now designing thermostats.

SEAN LENNON AND RUFUS WAINWRIGHT: Cover "Material Girl" at Occupy Wall Street protests.

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  1. Erich says

    I’m investing in one of those thermostats. Way cool and it saves you money. It’s a no-brainer.

  2. Scott Lumry says

    I checked out the thermostats, but at $250 each, way beyond what I could save running my present programmable unit. Payback is MUCH too long. And we have two thermostats. These new guys are neat little gizmos, though.

  3. Jayde says

    The Javan rhino story is a bit late, I’m sorry to say. CNN reports that the last rhino was killed by poachers for its horns.

  4. Mike says

    Wonderful to see the message from our Irish President make international headlines. As well as having become an internationl figure, President McAleese has been immensely supportive of the gay community both before and during her 14 years in office. She is stepping down in less than 1 months time and the out gay Senator Norris is among the 7 candidates seeking to succeed her. Despite leading the polls in earlier months, he has recently lost support to other candidates and is not likely to become the worlds first elected gay head of state.

  5. says

    @ Mike ;
    I totally agree.
    She has been a great President and a great advocate for gay rights and for equality. She always has been even back to her lecturing days at Trinity.

    All Ireland is so proud of her.

    The gay candidate for President in Thursday’s election is unlikely to succeed; but at least he ran ! What a sensation if Ireland elected the first Gay Head of State !
    Now let’s hear a similar speech from the candidates for President of the United States.