1. justme says

    All the guys I’ve known who have extensive facial tattoos are all lookers. I’m glad people like Rick exist, I think his tattoos are great and I support what makes him happy, but I’ll never get this. I can’t help but marvel at why men who are perfectly fine-looking would do this to themselves.

  2. atomic says

    With or without the tattoos, I don’t find this guy attractive at all. But that is a very impressive product. That kind of opacity while maintaining a natural look is remarkable.

  3. say what says

    He is living art

    What he has had done to himself is so far beyond tattoos it is like comparing the sun to a firecracker.

    Tattoos are gross and a waste of good flesh, but what he has done is art. When he is dead it is art that will no longer exist which makes it even more amazing

    The reasoning behind why he did it all is touching. He thought he was dieing of cancer and his family kicked him out of the house.

    Each bit of tattooing on him blends and compliments the rest.

    Anyway; that is some damn impressive cover up make-up

  4. Iko says

    I always wondered what he’d look like under all the ink. I never anticipated that I’d get to see! Honestly, I think he’s hotter with the art. Decent looking guy in flesh tones, but mesmerizing as art.

  5. nickv says

    in a video, him/his art are great to look at on multiple levels. that said, there are a few insanity “tells” here on the streets of NYC., and top of the list/No.1: if someone’s face is inked, 99% of the time, they’re insane. No. 2 “tell”: an African-American Republican.

  6. Toro Castano says

    I love all the backhanded compliments. Who cares about your judgments. If I had a dollar for every time some gay man told me I’d be so attractive without all those tattoos…we’re not here for your consumption.

  7. says

    I think he is beautiful, it’s sad that so many gay men have a very narrow perception of beauty. It’s even sadder that so many gay men conform to that narrow perception in order to be thought of as hot. Far too many clones.

    The song in the background is: There is hope by Zoo Brazil feat. Rasmus Kellerman. 

  8. The Milkman says

    Yes, it’s certainly art. I’m fascinated by this guy, as I am with anyone who knows themselves intimately enough to make such changes to their body. (I feel the same kind of respect for trans folks.)

    But all I could think of was how his mom probably cried when they put that concealer on him. :)

  9. Willbesurfing says

    1. He can do whatever he wants. He’s not hurting anyone. Noone’s business other then his own.

    2. Amazing transformation.

    3. That makeup has got to be some sort or black magic! How the hell? Awesome!

  10. Lexxvs says

    And some day he will be old and wrinkled. But he can’t get worse, if anything he will look more “impressive” and “artistic” according to some. His grandsons will be immune to nightmares, lol.

  11. Rich F. says

    @ Will DC: you won’t be paying for anything for him. He’s Canadian, from Montreal.

    Now, don’t you just look dumb? Of course, your inability to distinguish between “your” and “you’re” is icing on that particular cake…

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