1. jason says

    The DOMA vote doesn’t mean anything. It’s simply a Democrat ploy to make us feel wanted. Election-time is coming up and the Dems badly need our votes.

    The Dems had plenty of time to repeal DOMA a couple of years back when they had the supermajority in Congress. But there was no Presidential election coming up and hence they didn’t bother putting it up to a vote.

  2. says

    Wrong again, Jason, as usual. We’re not that important to elections.

    The head of the Judiciary Committee is my senator, Sen. Leahy of VT. He pushed this through. He doesn’t need my vote or the gay vote. He has the office for as long as he wants it. He and the other Dem’s who spoke are doing this because it’s the right thing to do. It’s really of no great political gain for them.

    If you heard the supporters of the Respect for Marriage Act speak the other day (all Dems) it was clear they believe that legally married gay couples should have the same federal benefits as straight couples. The Republicans only made irrational, condescending, and offensive arguments for why DOMA should remain.

    Anyone who votes for any of the Republicans on that Judiciary Committee, in favor of the Dem’s who support ending DOMA, is an idiot.

  3. Brad says

    This is a great report, but as it is made up now, the Supreme Court will most likely uphold DOMA. This court doesn’t have enough members that truly support basic civil rights especially when it concerns LGBT people. I don’t hold any hope of POTUS making a landmark ruling like Loving vs Virginia. It will come down to the usual 5-4 ruling keeping DOMA in place. A court that has granted personhood to corporations is not going to do the same for icky LGBT people. They can’t be counted on to do the right thing.

  4. Tigger says

    There is no way DOMA withstands constitutional muster even at the SCOTUS. Its text book 101 basic high school law & econ stuff you teach 10th graders to simplify the intent of the US constitution for students. DOMA is going down and even scalia couldn’t muster up a rational basis reason to keep it in place, let alone strict scrutiny. Prop 8 has a tiny bit more wiggle room but not much and the facts of the case were so bad for the defense that the cons on the SCOTUS will have to twist themselves into a pretzel to come up with a reason the keep prop 8.

  5. Brad says

    @Tigger: I totally agree with you. But Scalia and Thomas especially don’t care about the niceties of the constitutional law unless it applies to their own personal beliefs. If it doesn’t apply then they bend it all out of shape to fit. (Citizens United ruling is a good example.) LGBT’s have to much ick factor for these men. Sadly, they’ll twist that pretzel until it is a knot. It might be overturned in the distant future, but I don’t see DOMA going down with a SCOTUS decision.

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