1. Brian in Texas says

    He said/She said.

    Bill Clinton won the nomination and presidency with numerous women accusing him of sexual abuse and harassment. Why can’t Herman Cain? lol

  2. say what says

    brian in TX

    To this day every one of the women in clinton’s life were CONSENTING ADULTS.

    Cain’s harassment and now ASSAULT are illegal and non-consensual

    FALSE EQUIVALENCY for those with 2 brain cells in their head

  3. says

    “He said/She said.”

    More like He said/She said, She said, She said, She said . . . and probably more She saids who have yet to come forward.

    And, there is a difference between consensual (even if its adulterous) sex and sexual harassment, though some people seem not to realize that. The other obvious difference between Cain and Clinton is that Clinton was a real candidate and a real President. Cain is a pretend candidate running for book sales and fame. He still has a chance with those–or perhaps infamy–but he never had a chance at the White House and has even less of a chance now, however long the media and Cain fans pretend otherwise.

  4. MKe says

    The more I think about this the more I realize why it was wrong. Because there was a job involved. This wasn’t just some gross sexual advance she could have brushed off, it was a job. And people can’t always say no to a job. Plus it’s not the way people should get jobs either. If she did sleep with her and he hired her that’s preventing someone else from getting that job.

  5. MKe says

    @Brian in Texas we don’t know if Bill Clinton offered jobs to those people. It was shady I’m not saying it’s not, but as I said in my comment I don’t like the fact that a job depended on her sleeping with him.

  6. elg/edwin says

    “To this day every one of the women in clinton’s life were CONSENTING ADULTS.”

    Tell that lie to Paula Jones who accused Clinton of, if I recall correctly, pulling it out on her and telling her to s*ck it in a hotel room. And there was at least one other woman who accused Clinton of actual rape but neither she nor her allegations ever got anywhere.

  7. PLAINTOM says

    There are now four separate women accusing Cain of sexual harassment. Two of the women filed complaints prior to him every running for any political office. The lawyer for the last accuser says she affidavits from two witnesses that they were informed of the incident immediately after it occurred. A male Republican pollster says he saw Cain harass a women around the same time period. This is a great amount of smoke, if you are going to deny the existence of a fire.

  8. says

    @DPBFEB: Some of his accusers are under gag orders as the result of their settlements, so they don’t have the option of speaking out. And he’s already done, just more certainly now. His candidacy was and is a charade. He never was going to be and never will be the Republican nominee. The only thing he had going for him was being a straight-talking entertainer; now he doesn’t even have that. He’s the smarmy guy smiling lecherously in his asinine TV ad.

  9. corvidae says

    I wonder if there will be more. I don’t want to assume, but normally if there are this many, it is a pattern.
    I’m just sad for the women who’ve worked for him and been treated this way, I hope one of these convictions stick.

  10. jason says

    Sharon Bialek needs to get a better hair-stylist. With all those strands in front of her face, it looks as if a curtain has fallen on it. Makes her look less credible too.

  11. rb says

    Why all the woman-hating here? Gloria Allred is an attorney who takes on cases like this — period. Bravo to Sharon Bialek who is speaking out against yet another jerk who’s running for public office.

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