1. Chuck Mielke says

    Kenneth H. probably assumes it’s fake simply because it’s time-lapse. I would be equally presumptuous if I called him a silly know-it-all. But I’ll hope he can enlighten us with some kind of supporting reference or evidence.

  2. Rovex says

    Yeah its not fake. It doesnt look great on Youtube, but in Full HD it looks stunning. About to watch Frozen Planet in HD right now here in the UK. Ive already seen this sequence on promos.

  3. Jim says

    Amazing photography and science. Yes, I also thought it was like something out of “Harry Potter”.

  4. Keithy says

    Kenneth – that’s a great example of a really bad comment. You can’t just come in, give an evaluation, and then leave without giving any evidence for your point of view. Do try harder next time.

  5. sosadaboutewan says

    A fake? It’s Richard bloody Attenborough, for god’s sake, the most admired natural history film maker IN THE WORLD!

    No, dear, it is not a fake.