1. HadenoughBS says

    Oh, great, just what we need – a president with “selective memory” regarding historical facts. Many Rethuggist pundits are asking why Cain’s possible dalliance with women is any different from, say, that of former President Clinton. I’d argue that Clinton didn’t hold himself up to be a “Jesus Christ Almighty-style” candidate like hymn-singing Bible-quoting Herman Cain.

  2. jason says

    Oh, and Bill Clinton was a paragon of virtue, was he? Bill looked us in the eye and assured us that he did not have sex with “that woman”. Of course, we eventually found out that he was a serial philanderer who received blow jobs from a younger woman.

    Yet you still voted for this man. Hypocrisy, don’t you think?

    Perhaps you’re scared of a conservative black man winning the election.

  3. Willem says

    This is just so laughable. All signs point to this guy being a completely loathsome human being… I really can’t understand how anyone could ever be persuaded by him…

    “Now, the fact that I say I don’t recall signing it doesn’t mean that I didn’t sign it, but I simply don’t recall if I signed it.”


    am I right??

  4. HadenoughBS says

    @Jason: Say what? Did I write Clinton was “a paragon of virtue”? No, I did not. My point is that Clinton with all his personal faults, including the BJ from Monica, never claimed to have the high moral ground that Cain claims for himself. And, yes, you’re damn right I voted for him over the GOPer candidate. And, for the reason I just stated, it was NOT hypocritical to do so. And, no, I’m NOT scared of a conservative black man winning the 2012 presidential election – I’m scared of ANY conservative candidate winning next year. In spite of the personal faults of Bill Clinton (and the governing faults of Barack Obama), at this point in time, I’ll take the Dem over the Rethuggist each and every damn time.

  5. says

    What a toad and what a bad liar. People don’t like liars. Once they’ve voted someone in they expect some broken promises and wiggliness, but saying you don’t recall signing a sexual-harassment settlement or what the accusations were is just bald-faced B.S. He’s toast.

  6. Caliban says

    Why bring up Bill Clinton at all? Clinton didn’t sexually harass Monica Lewinski, he had sex with her, a consenting adult.

    Whoever filed this complaint against Herman Cain obviously did NOT consent, so it’s an entirely different thing.

  7. say what says

    No comparison to clinton

    Monica and Clinton were 2 consenting adults

    cain’s 2 cases were women who did not consent to his advances/ harrasment

    HUGE DIFFERENCE. 1 is legal and the other is not

  8. says

    “Perhaps you’re scared of a conservative black man winning the election.”

    Cain has never been a real candidate, so only the delusional would be scared about him winning the election. (And, it’s not the black part that’s the problem, it’s the ignorant and conservative part.)

    Whether the allegations are true or false, Cain’s biggest problem is the way he’s handled them. A man whose biggest selling point (in his own mind) is his business leadership and no BS style doesn’t remember signing papers someone else put before him (papers accusing him of harassment, no less!) and has done nothing but spout BS since the story started.

    Since–unlike Bill Clinton–he’s unelectable he brought some fun to the dismal Republican playing field–but now, especially after the leering smile commercial right before these allegations came out, he comes across as the creepy uncle you should hide your children from. Bye bye, Herman.

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