1. say what says

    Bob you nit wit

    What he said was in his own way supportive of out proud gay rappers and hip-hop artists

    Not once did he denigrate homosexuality. He in his own way comes off supportive at least to make $$$$

  2. new-new says

    I think this is a case of “I GET WHAT YOU’RE SAYING, BUT YOU SOUND DUMB AS HAYLE.”

    He fails to realize that the same system which keeps actors in the closet keeps musicians in the closet. The industry is built on marketing what sells. On producing culture for the masses. Hip Hop culture in some respects is one that is built on the concept of hypermasculinity. A company wouldn’t risk having an out artist for the same reason that a film company doesn’t hire and out gay man for their latest blow sh*t up action film.

    For the record, I’m not condoning this; I actually find it appalling. There have been some exceptions to this archetype in the culture such as Kanye West who doesn’t really fit into that hypermasculine ideal(e.g. in style of dress, musicality, etc.) like 50 Cent does.


  3. say what says

    yeah New-New


    I think this is a case of “I GET WHAT YOU’RE SAYING, BUT YOU SOUND DUMB AS HAYLE.”

    He comes off ignorant in how he says what he says but what he was obviously trying to say is actually in his own dumb way supportive even if it is only to be out to make $$$$$$

  4. Aedan says

    Yes. We definitely own hip-hop, rap, and R&B. That’s why these three are some of the most homophobic genres in the entire music community. Those “No-Homo” openers, midders, enders, and in-between-words-sers? Yep- definitely a product of an industry RULED ON HIGH by a gay mafia. Gotta please those gays by bashing them and creating a culture of fear and hatred over them. Yessiree. We of the Gay Mafia are simply not satisfied until the masses are frothing in their desperate need to smash in a gay man’s face with a tire iron!

    Seriously. Sarcasm aside this guy is spouting nonsense. Hell- even if he’s trying to be supportive in his strange, unhelpful way it only comes off as ignorant and homophobic. It sounds eerily similar to anti-semites talking about how “Jews control the media and Hollywood” or some such idiocy.

  5. Derrick from Philly says

    Thank you, SAY WHAT. In his own form of English he’s actually trying NOT to condone homophobia.

    If you don’t understand someone else’s form of English then don’t try to. I often don’t understand the English and slang spoken by young Americans (Black and White) and so I tune them the out. Let my beloved President try to decipher what the they’re saying–he needs them in November 2012.

  6. BMF says

    Talk about bias. Joe was talking about how there are lots of gays in the entertainment industry. For example, the former editor in chief of Vibe Magazine, Emil Wilkibin, is openly gay. Joe also said that he worked with gay rappers. How does Towleroad take the comments of a man who says that gay people should be out in 2011 and transform those comments into an allegation that his entire speech was about gays running hip-hop? This guy said something really positive and, yet again, all I’m thinking about is the racial divide among the gay “community.”

  7. TyN says

    Did any of you actually read the article? He says that he doesn’t care if you’re homosexual, and that in 2011 you should just come out and say it. He also says that if people don’t like it then f*ck ’em.

    Go back to your sensitive-sally-I’m-angry-at-everything sad boxes.

  8. Francis says

    No, he’s not being homophobic. I agree he’s being supportive, but obviously it’s hard to read into what he’s saying with the way he speaks.

    He’s right that there are a lot of gay men and lesbian women in the urban music scene (including rap, hip-hop, etc.). He’s wrong in saying we run the industry, though. We don’t run the industry. Music executives and mainstream society runs the music industry. The music executives, the ones who really are the movers and shakers, tend to be straight men 35 and older. Same is true in Hollywood. The real power brokers tend to be straight, middle-aged and older men. We may make up a large population of artists in the urban music industry, but we’re controlled by what the music execs tells us we have to do to save our careers, and that is to remain closeted. Because they don’t want their business represented by gay people, and society does not accept us as a community enough to prevent backlash in terms of record sales.

    Only a guy like Adam Lambert can get by with that, because he being gay sort of fits in with his whole image, or someone like Ricky Martin because he’s already so established. If a mainstream rapper came out of the closet his record sales would tank. Look at Clay Aiken, he’s not on the radar anymore. We still have a while to go before it becomes a non-issue that any big shot in the music industry is gay.

  9. Michael says

    Oh puleasse to these people supporting this dude.Get over it already he comes off as very ignorant so even if hes trying to be supportive or whatever it is NOT coming off right period.For instance his comment GAY SH– is not a positive comment period.

  10. AB says

    wow. what disappointing comments, attacking him for the way he speaks, when he is actually supporting gay people being out!

    how would we respond to a gay person’s message being torn down bc he said it “too gay”?

  11. Derrick from Philly says

    “…he comes off as very ignorant…”

    Ignorant of what? And whatever it is you think he’s ignorant of should it be of any importance to him.

    “his comment GAY SH– ”

    Sh.t means the same thing as stuff (“Judy Garland could sing and dance and act, and all kinds of sh.t”). That’s not just a young person’s slang usage–older people use it to.

  12. Your Momma says

    good lord….you got a big time rapper who’s actually on our side and all you queens do is cut him down.
    just because he doesnt end his sentences like “thisssss” and call you “girl” you guys think he’s being ignorant or dumb.
    get over yourselves.

  13. jason says

    Rap and hip-hop are run by people who pander to the sleazy straight guy fantasy. This includes pandering to the homophobic attitudes of sleazy straight guys.

    As for Fat Joe, he’s a moron.

  14. rhett says

    I’m a gay guy that mainly works in the urban music scene. I’ve never had a problem. We don’t run it, though there are lots of us for sure. Thanks for the support Fat Joe.

  15. OberonOZ says

    @Francis The reason Clay Aiken isnt around anymore isnt because he’s gay, its because he’s crap :) At best, moderately talented, with nothing much of interest to say, its no wonder hes not around.

  16. says

    I would guess the majority on here making fun of the way Fat Joe talks aren’t even fans of hip hop. This is how some of the guys I know talk from the Bronx. It’s called slang, just like the gay community has their own slang. Fat Joe is coming from an honest place as someone who has been in the business since the late 90’s. it’s unfortunate that when we get an ally in the hip hop community the most many of you can do is come with negative critiques and bitchy comments.

  17. antisaint says

    When I read this earlier, I was kind of scratching my head about what he said. Once I got home I watched the video. You guys dissing an ally need to actually watch the video. He’s clearly on our side.

    Clay Aiken? Seriously? He was truly relevant to the mainstream at some point?

  18. B says

    Fat Joe’s comments are well received. And by gays running the industry, I’m sure he’s also including men on the down low.

    Come on people, lets get it together.

  19. GAGGED says

    1. SHOCKED that people are so negative on here about this since he was clearly being supportive…clearly.

    2. AMAZED that people want to deny that there’s a huge gay influence int he entertainment industry…in all sectors. Duh! Only in theatre (mostly) is being out truly a non-factor. Otherwise, we just don’t see the gay faces and voices as much in TV, FILM, MUSIC, et cetera…but they’re out there.

    3. SADDENED that in 2011 “goin’ on 2012,” that majority of people on here are so ignorant to not listen to what the man was trying to say, but instead how he said it. There is unapologetic racism in the gay community (on both sides of the isle) that’s truly alarming, but I guess should not be surprising. From hook-up sites to clubs…it’s a lot of racist hateful garbage devoid of substance.


    Read a damn book.

  20. says

    I am not shocked anymore. I am black British and even I understood that he is an ally.

    Unfortunately as with many gay sites this being one and America blog, anytime a post about a black person the racist come crawling out.

    I wonder sometimes if people read or have automated responses!

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