Grindr For Straight Dudes

BromanceIf you need a bromance … my god, there's an app for that. This is "":

Meet Bromance. The iPhone App that connects you to other guys nearby with the same likes/interests as you. Find yourself a workout buddy and get in shape. Organize some Ultimate Frisbee action with other guys around you. Want to meet up and play a game of hoops? Bored on a Friday night and want to grab a beer? Perhaps you want to organize a lan party with like-minded gamers?! Bromance. The location-based network for dudes that do. Coming soon to the iPhone.

Is anything in the universe sadder than a lonely bro?


  1. lessthan says

    That is actually pretty cool. Probably won’t get used, but still cool. I saw a sad sad study that stated that most straight men make most close friends in high school and college, then these relationships gradually end as they get older, without any replacement. That sounds like it really sucks. So, this app can’t be anything but good.

  2. Jerry says

    Bizarre. That app will turn gay in about five minutes. What the hell are you talking about straight guys only make friends in school then they’re lonely forever? That sounds like a setup for a str8 guys for gay porn vid.

  3. Lessthan says

    They did a study, honest to God, on the friendship patterns of straight men and women. Women make close intimate friends continuously throughout their life, maintaining a constant number. Men start with close intimate friends from childhood and college, then never replace them as they grow apart. I wish I could provide a link, but I can’t find it.

  4. Francis says

    That’s because straight guys are paranoid about their heterosexuality moreso than women, which is something I think we all know. A large portion of straight men have a wall up that won’t allow themselves to get too close emotionally with another man, “just in case”.

    This app will be used for gay sex but I guess it’s perfect for closeted and questioning guys.

  5. johnny says

    It’s “lone wolf” syndrome.

    Not just straight men, but ALL men, straight and gay, may have a hard time making and keeping friends once high school and college are over. I don’t have a study, I just have my own experiences and those of my male friends. However, work-related associations (which can develop into friendships) are good places that men can make friends outside of bars and churches and gyms and many of these may turn out to be solid relationships, even though one or both men leave that particular workplace.

    Unless you are frequenting bars and gyms, there are really not many other places for gay men to make male friends, especially if there is a strong desire to keep them totally platonic. Basically, it’s easy to find sex partners for most gay men, but not so easy to find real friends.

    Personally, I don’t care for bars and don’t go to the gym so the male friends (gay and straight) I’ve made are through past work experiences or past boyfriends that I’ve re-connected with on a platonic basis. Sad but true, there’s just not a lot of possibilities in our society for bromances (which stay out of the romantic territory).

    That said, I don’t see many actual hetero men using this app. I can easily see a lot of supposed “straight” guys using it to hook up on the DL.

  6. John says

    I agree on the lack of friends. I had several very close male friends growing up and have pretty much lost contact with everybody. I recently moved and have zero friends where I am. My job requires a lot of travel, plus I’m over the bar scene and won’t pay for a gym membership to use a couple of days a week – when I am home it’s pretty much just me by myself.

  7. redball says

    Lessthan, I’m pretty sure you’re right.

    I seem to recall reading some studies about divorce that said that adult straight men’s tendency to have fewer solid friendships is a major reason why men often fall into depression & have other life difficulties after a divorce whereas their ex-wives tend to do quite a bit better. The ex-wives often have their gurrrls they can lean on–the girls can take them out, cheer them up, help them pick up the pieces and move on & not feel like their life is over. It’s about social support.

  8. jason says

    Straight guys seem to have so much more fun than gay guys. With gay guys, it’s usually a depressing form of social interaction where the object is to get into someone’s crotch. With straight guys, the aim is to get into a woman’s crotch but the guys are still able to have a hell of a lot of fun with each other.

    The gay male social scene lacks that important element of male bonding which sustains many men.

  9. Paul R says

    I cannot imagine any straight guy I know or have ever met using this. It just seems too gay. I’ve seen guys on Craigslist looking for workout buddies, and those seem genuine. But when you start adding photos and call it Bromance—with a tagline saying that it’s for “dudes that do”—you’ve pretty much failed before you started.

  10. jason says

    Paul R,

    There is nothing “gay” about seeking out a workout buddy. Many straight guys do it. I don’t know any gay guys who seek out workout buddies. They’re too busy looking at the men, not working out with men.

  11. terry says

    I think I remember seeing an article about how men, especially straight men, are paranoid about having close relationships with other men because of the ‘gay’ factor. I don’t know the link but the study is about several years old. That said, I agree I don’t see too many straight guys using this but I can see this ‘eventually’ turning into a hook-up site. Ah well.

  12. jaragon says

    Men can be friends with other men with out turning it into a sex thing- I have straight friends who I have no interest in hooking up with. I do agree that it’s hard to keep up a friendship.

  13. BEAHBEAH says

    JASON/RICK, whatever your name is, please take a flying leap. Your misogyny and self-hatred is getting so old.

    I don’t know in what world you’re living in where gay people can’t be friends without sex entering the equation, but it’s
    a sad one. And also a skewed one, from your own twisted, lonely, self-hating perspective. Every sane gay person I know has gay friends… and their real friendships. Where they can enjoy each others company, have fun, but also have meaningful conversations about their lives and emotions. Something most straight male relationships lack, because most straight men are afraid of anything real because it makes them appear weak.

    As for workout buddies, lmao. Nobody works out more than gay men and many of them have workout buddies without screwing each other.

    You’re vision of gay people and consequently yourself is kind of sad.

  14. Cal says

    I hate the work of whoever does this site on the weekend. Seriously – you think a guy puking pic is towleroad? It’s odd how you can tell when the blogger/poster changes almost immediately – and it’s always worse.

  15. Paul R says

    All my workout buddies have been straight men. No sex involved or desired. The notion that gay men don’t want workout buddies, gay or straight, is absurd.

    Several regular posters on this site like attention of any sort–positive or negative—and should be ignored. They’re not worth responding to, much less insulting. They insult themselves quite well.

    I’m also tired of people insulting the weekend authors on the site. Here’s the solution: don’t read it if you don’t like it. Brandon is doing a fine job.

    It can be hard to maintain friendships with straight guys who get married and, especially, have kids. They have demanding lives. Unmarried, childless gays have a lot more free time, and there are tons of places to meet people outside bars and gyms. Everyone has a harder time meeting people as they age because when you’re young, you discover interests together and share them. As you age, you naturally want to be with people who share those interests, which can be difficult.

    You also have less time, gay or straight, as you become an adult. High school and college provide huge amounts of time to get to know people. The real world does not. This is not a uniquely male issue.

  16. David says

    There already is a Grindr for straight dudes. And girls. It’s called Blendr. It’s free, location-based, very cool, and only launched about three months ago with no advertising and has over a quarter of a million users. Check it out (and yes, I do work there!).

  17. hoho says

    I doubt this Jason person is really gay, and if he is, then he’s not an out one. He doesn’t seem to have first-hand experience of gay life. He resorts too much to these stereotypes that one learns from reading, I don’t know, FRC website.

  18. Justin says

    As I get older (as a gay man of 39 years old), I’ve found that my social circle has gotten a lot younger.

    I still have straight friends of my own age, but rarely see them due to their family commitments.

    The friends I spend most time with now, are in their twenties. They’re less tied-down and consequently more spontaneous.

    My closest friend is 24 years old and straight. I’m certain our friendship has raised a few eyebrows amongst his other friends and my own.

    But, I have a lot more in common with him than I do with friends my own age: our music tastes; comic books; the same taste in tv shows and movies; a severe disinterest in sport…

    We’re happy being friends and hanging-out together. I don’t worry about the age gap or the difference in our sexual orientation. He’s like the cool younger brother I never had.

  19. jason r says

    I just have to say that I’ve seen and felt both sides of this situation. When I moved to a new city post college I had zero male friends gay or straight, I dated the gay ones and was never very socially active with straight ones.

    However I met a straight bud that has since become one of my best friends and I merged into his group of bros which has a healthy amount of gay people I’m not interested in dating in it! Sometimes it takes a random friendship to make that happen, and if this app can do that then great!

    I think general opinions about male on male relationships are changing for the better. There has been significant improvement in my life and those of my fellow dudes.

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