1. rustytrawler says

    The girl at the sink with her mom — that one is disturbing. The others, are shot so nicely and they scream ACTING!

  2. says

    Beautiful ads and I agree with Rusty about the acting. Unfortunately there’s too much soul and life in the actors’ eyes to make me believe they are at that point in the meth experience. Should have used The Walking Dead’s extras.

  3. shle896 says

    These psa’s should be shown nationwide. Instead of locking up meth users, we need to send them to rehab. Education and prevention are the only ways to truly fight the meth problem.

  4. says

    I think they’re shot beautifully and are effective…but also had the same thought as Calvin in that the ‘gay’ one even though it may be a true scenario is also homophobic.

  5. Paul R says

    Man I love meth. It’s the best. I especially love people who did it (or have been doing it) for 10 years, preferably longer. They’re so together.

  6. princely54 says

    @Calvin & @Geoff — there are predators in the world, no matter the sexuality. If we call it homophobic to depict reality sometimes, we take the light off of them. They should be in the light. I would have a problem if every one of them went down that road, but they don’t. There is another one with a girl being pimped by her boyfriend (called ‘Boyfriend’) that tells a similar story.

  7. says

    @PRINCELY54…I understand and agree with your view…I’m just saying that particular spot makes me cringe. It always seems like the gay troll/predator is the ‘go to’ boogeyman. It maybe be a true circumstance, but it also perpetuates the christian whackadoodle’s assertion that anything or one that is gay…is the worst end result possible.

  8. calvin says

    @PRINCELY54: What about an ad with a gay “victim” and a straight predator? Why the victims are always straight and the predators both gay and stright?

  9. ahh says

    @GEOFF M, if they were to depict all methed out heterosexuals then the PSAs would not have the broader impact. Wackadoo Christians don’t need ammo,just their imaginations and their hate. Meth is still prevalent in the gay community and ugly things like Meth need to be exposed. It’s not scapegoating, it’s a warning.

  10. BEAHBEAH says

    Calvin, no where in that ad does it say the victim is straight or that the predator is gay. That’s your interpretation. Otherwise, how else would you want it to play?

    The overriding point is that he’s prostituting himself for drugs. Which happens.

  11. Brad says

    Coming from a place of meth addiction, deep despair and true desperation, I can safely say that these PSAs capture at least some of the madness involved with that drug. Meth is the devil of all narcotics and true hell to get over. Recovery offered me hope and I am certain that without some intervention, I would not be the man I am today. For those that find the young male PSA to be homophobic, seeing the scenario from the outside never allows for a ture understanding of the grips of addiction. Suffice it to say that many men have done terrible things to get one more hook.

  12. vwdavy says

    to those who think the first ad is homophobic: go to a CMA meeting and ask to hear the story of a straight meth addict, male or female, and ask specifically how badly they compromised themselves for a hit.
    addiction is a disease, not a choice. it is a sickness, just like a cancer. please treat it as such, always and without fail.
    instead of pitying people who are sick with addiction, or passing judgement on them, you should recite the following: there, but for the grace of my higher power, goeth I.

  13. LuckyLinden says

    I am sensitive to unecessary stereotyping (I found TRAFFIC’s use of the darkest black man they could find as as scary drug dealer having sex with the previously innocent–now desperate for her next fix–daughter of the main character to be a heavy handed amd questionable way of illustrating how far she had fallen) but the reality of junkies prostituting themselves, gay or straight, for drugs is real AND there are few if any women out there getting off on getting sex from junkie guys. It really is an exclusively gay thing, unfortunately, because its a male thing to buy sex that way. Given that there are a variety of scenarios here, I,am uncomfortable but understand its use for tge greater purpose of keeping people off drugs.

  14. gregory brown says

    The first ad may give a homophobic image but it shows a real situation. The dangers and consequences of meth addiction for individuals and society in general are so great that maybe we need to back away from our fears of anti-gay(anti-sex)uses of the imagery in specific cases. Which is the more immediate threat to most of us: the Westboro cult, stupid school administrators and teachers, creepy lobbists and sleazy politicians–or a deadly chemical concoction that poisons bodies, minds and the environments in which it’s cooked?

  15. wtf says

    All the posters claiming that the first ad is homophobic don’t understand what homophobia is. Just because something involves a negative depiction of a possibly homosexual situation doesn’t equate homophobia! Get real! As BEAHBEAH said: you have no idea what the orientation is of the characters in the first psa. You’re assuming. And you know what you get when you do that. If you don’t think it’s possible that the kid is gay and the perp straight then you’ve never been around hard-core addiction. Trust. When it comes to addiction, orientation is of little matter. Needs are met and people are used. The End. What’s most telling is every poster who says “that’s homophobic!” doesn’t explain HOW at all.

  16. Paul R says

    Heroin, meth, and crack. Can anyone name more addictive substances save alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine—those three being legal?

  17. Vint says

    @WTF: The first ad is homophobic because, of all the downsides of meth use, the only one it chooses to depict is that it “makes” you have gay sex. It’s homophobic because it thinks that *that* is the scariest thing about meth, and the most likely to cause someone to think twice about using meth. Yeah, sure, meth can kill you, but the *bad* part is you have to have sex with a man before you die. It’s not rocket science; the homophobia is right in your face.

  18. Jono says

    @Vint: I have to disagree with you there. I don’t feel that the negative of that video is gay sex. It’s rather that he is subjecting himself to having sex with a greasy gross dude and only doing it for money. Who’s to say if he would have sex with men to begin with or not. It’s the prostitution that is the focal point.

  19. Sean says

    I’m still awaiting the PSA that shows a meth addict behind the wheel of a car that plows into a group of WBC protesters. And the clichéd homophobic, and it IS homophobic, ad could have as easily depicted a girl with a guy. If they wanted to send a message about meth use in the gay community, try any run-of-the-mill circuit party.

  20. antisaint says

    I could see if that was the only video, but each one of these videos depicts a potential negative to using meth. That first video is a very real reality for a lot of addicts, regardless of what you project onto what’s going on there. What we really saw at the end of the day was a young kid who put himself into an incredibly dangerous, risky situation in a hotel room with someone he probably doesn’t know at all, and with someone whose capabilities and character are unknown. Maybe they’re just going to use. Maybe they’re gonna have sex. Maybe that guy was actually reaching over to break that kid’s neck. Bottom line, if he hadn’t fooled around with meth, he probably wouldn’t have ended up in a risky situation.

  21. BreckRoy says

    I agree that not every negative depiction of a homosexual or homosexual encounter is homophobic…sometimes it is art, sometimes it is just real life. What makes it homophobic is intent and context. In this case there is no intent to somehow demean or attack homosexuals, nor is the context (one of several different scenarios, not just a single gay one) inappropriate. Add to the fact that this is a story (straight and gay men prostituting themselves for drugs) that is commonly told by former junkies, and I’m OK wth its disturbing, but powerful message.

  22. Lexxvs says

    Luckily a tiny minority at risk will pay attention to these and other ads. Lamentably most of the people at risk won’t. Sometimes it seems as if tying to confront or avoid Darwin is futile.

  23. Shannons psychiatrist says

    If the first clip would depict an heterosexual situation, it would be clearly heterophobic. Because it would show show somebody has to make gross heterosexual sex to fullfil his addiction. If you think, this argumentation is ridiculous – yeah, well it is. As ridiculous as to see homophobia in the first clip.

  24. Eric in Chicago says

    Oh No! Meth turns you into a Bad Prostitute – negotiating the price after you get in the room and letting the JOHN set the price??

  25. Thomas says

    Thank you to Eric in Chicago and Shannons Psych. Honestly, the issue is not the gay sex, the issue is he is a prostitute.