1. oliver says

    UC Davis Pepper Spray ‘A Food Product, Essentially’, Says FOX News

    Then I suggest they do a live demonstration using pepper spray on each other in Fox News studios. I’d love to see Megyn Kelly pepper spray Bill O’Reilly and Bill spray Megyn.

    Says O’Reilly: “I don’t think we have the right to Monday-morning quarterback the police. Particularly at a place like UC Davis, which is a fairly liberal campus.”

    Oh really. But you do think you have the right to Monday-morning quarterback the POTUS all day long though. Hmmmm.

  2. Gay American says

    she’s such a (fill in the blank) – FYI Megyn – that was Military Grade Pepper spray – that should be sprayed no closer then 15ft, and is made to STOP a Bear…aaargh I hate FOX

  3. johnny says

    So, basically this is just like asking for fresh-cracked pepper on your salad.

    Only it’s sprayed at 50 mph into your eyes, instead.

    Oh and it’s not black pepper, it’s Habanaro.

    So, no big deal, Megyn, want a UC Davis salad?

  4. Sam says

    I’m actually pretty bothered by this title. When she said it was a food product she was just saying it was derived from food, and she clarified imminently afterwards that it was harmful and people went to the hospital.

  5. Bart says

    Bill O’Reilly and Megyn What’s Her Idiot Self should be pepper sprayed and water boarded so they can speak more intelligently about what they yammer on like the asshats they are.

    It’s Fox, so who cares? No one watches it but those who have already drank the koolaid.

  6. kieran says

    “You’re getting less resistance from someone who just got pepper-sprayed”

    Yes, it’s much easier to arrest someone who just got pepper-sprayed and is likely flailing as a natural defensive reaction than it is to have two cops drag someone away who is not fighting or doing anything.

  7. say what says

    well supposedly the pregnant woman who with a priest and an 84 year old woman were all pepper sprayed last week during Seattle Wa. OWs has miscarried due to said “food product’

    I wonder how the xtianista anti-choicer fox crowd feels about that


    side not as posted yesterday in another thread

    New study shows watching Fox news will actually make one dumber than someone who does not pay attention to any news at all

    not a bug, an intended feature

  8. ravewulf says

    Can you imagine what they would be saying if this had been a conservative/Christian college instead of a “fairly liberal” one? The hypocrisy would be stunning

  9. Mike in Paris says

    I don’t watch fox news or particularly have any clue is Megyn Kelly is, but she didn’t seem that bad to me. She said that though it looks very bad in the video here, this is technically legal. And she said whether they should have done it or not was a moral question and she did not offer a response. I am sure she might be really crazy normally, but from this alone she just gave a reasonable opinion. Well unless she made up the part about it all actually being technically legal.

  10. says

    I demand they be sprayed in the face by pepper spray, or try eating some of it in a salad. Some of those kids were coughing up blood and having deadly asthma attacks – how dare they try to spin this like it’s no big deal. People can die from what those police officers did.

  11. Alex says

    Disgusting. Whats even more sickening is that there is a large part of the population that will buy such ridiculous tripe, merely because it confirms what they want to believe. Watching 1 minute of Fox News takes 1 hour of positive experience with humanity to prevent misanthropy.

  12. kyle Michel Sullivan says

    Why is anyone surprised at the craven stupidity of Bill and Megyn? Seriously, why? When have they EVER made a lick of sense or not used everything that’s happened in the world to bash liberals? When?

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