1. jason says

    Like Rihanna and Britney and Kesha, Katy Perry is a fake singer. Her voice is heavily distorted in the studio to make it sound as if she is actually tuneful. Live, she is no better than you and I.

    When are gay men going to stop encouraging fake females? Stop buying their CD’s, stop downloading their songs. They don’t deserve our patronage.

    However, I suspect that, with the main form of entertainment in gay bars being men dressing up as women and miming to songs, it simply reflects a downgrading of our standards as gay men.

  2. Edd says

    Jason the troll.
    When are YOU going to get a life.

    You know, you could always stay home and listen to/watch ONLY what you want.

    Let the rest of us decide for ourselves what we want to do with out time and money.

  3. Chas says

    I like the song, but the video was a little “eh” to me. Maybe it’s because I don’t think Katy Perry is old enough to know the real regret/sadness/longing for one that got away.

    The one that got away hardly ever has a tragic end, it’s more of a drifting apart and the years of what if? that make the ache so real. I’d rather have seen that in the video.

  4. Chris says

    That video was very well done. Very moving.

    Jason – if it is true what you say then go make some music vids and CD’s yourself. Obviously there’s a market.

  5. jason says

    Gay men have a habit of supporting no-talent female hacks who use their lack of clothing as a marketing ploy during their singing careers. Why are gay men so interested in supporting half-naked females?

    Maybe it’s because gay men are living their lives through women’s bodies. Sad, isn’t it?

  6. BigBlonde says

    Learn some history Jason! How dare you be so ignorant, and then start trying to give a lecture on what it is to be a gay man–little boy! If it wasn’t for men dressing up as women and miming songs- you and I would not be here. We would both still be in the closet, in jail, or dead. I’ll forgive you because I can tell you are just a kid, and at your age ignorance is the currency in which you deal– but the next time you decide to get on your soap box and start with your verbal diarrhea about men in dresses “downgrading our standards”- pick up a book and learn dome basic gay history. Just because you haven’t fully come to terms with yourself, or what it is to be a gay man, does not give you the right to spew disdain towards the gay community, and those who came before you. They, and their traditions, deserve your respect. You can not erase the rich and proud history of queers before you, just because at your age it still makes you uncomfortable to see feminine men or men in drag. Now, get your ass back to school sweetheart, and live your life–free and open. A bunch of fierce men in dresses already paid your toll.

    P.S.- I thought Ms. Perry’s video was beautiful. It brought a tear to my eye. If it didn’t do the same to you, then I pity your jaded youth, yet envy you for not yet having to experience the loss of love to death.

  7. Mousie says

    You know…

    Maybe people like that stuff because it’s got a good beat and you can dance to it.

    Just saying.

  8. Can u hear me? says

    The one that got away? More like the one that was thrown away. There’s a difference.

    The music sounds good enough to be background for an SNL skit.

  9. jason says


    No, I’m not uncomfortable about seeing men in drag. I’m uncomfortable about seeing men in drag miming to songs on a stage in a fake claim to talent. Big difference.

    I’m also uncomfortable about seeing gay men applauding no-talent drag acts who simply mime to songs on a stage. It’s indicative of a drop in standards in the GLBT community as a whole.

  10. tranquilo says

    Keep driving, Diego!!! She’s just another lucky tweenie who can’t sing, can’t play anything, and can’t write music. But, again, she sure can yodel, and she’s not hurting anyone, so I guess that’s something.

  11. Artie says

    Nothing wrong with liking this song or that if it’s got a good beat. I can see a kernel of truth, however, in advice to avoid idolizing straight females. If you want to idolize singers, there are plenty of talented male vocalists out there, from fashionista to macho.

    The male population was successfully terrorized by Christians in the twentieth century, but now Xtian control of the culture is falling apart in front of everyone’s eyes. I always suspected that the majority of the male population shares the sentiments that Cory Monteith talks about in the following video, and that’s gradually becoming more obvious:

  12. BigBlonde says

    Jason- drag queens and miming go hand in hand. They always have. Not sure what these standards are to which you are attempting to hold drag queens and gay entertainment? It is all in good fun, and a manner of self expression and/or entertainment. It is also a part of our collective queer history, and deserves respect as such. It takes a lot of guts to get up there and perform. Whether you like a certain queen’s performance is irrelevant. When you start spouting off about queens, as a whole, doing what they’ve done for decades and equate them to having a negative impact on gay culture- which they helped to create – that is the problem! It’s fine if you don’t like certain drag queens or their performances, but do not disrespect all drag queens by saying they are causing a “drop in standards”. It is simply not true, and ignorant of what drag queens actually do and have done for our community as a whole.

  13. sparks says

    Diego is a wonderful actor and has been totally out for years … wish he’d do more mainstream stuff. He also has a very hot straight actor best friend, Gael Garcia Bernal.

  14. Mousie says

    I suggest some of the complainers here go see a Lypsinka show before they outright dis the storied art of lip syncing.

  15. HoHo says

    I’m with Jason on this one. It’s embarassing how posters on this blog often sink in adulation of empty celebrity, male or female.

  16. says

    “Jason” is a bitter self-loathing misogynist OBSESSED with any look or gesture a man makes that might be seen as “feminine.” it goes without saying that “effeminate” gay men (and of course drag queens and transgenders) are his greatest enemy.

    I can see “Jason” now — setead at his computer in Capri pants and lace-encrusted blouse — stuffing Malomars in his face as he types away madly.

  17. Bobby says

    Love Katy Perry. Not crazy about this song, but she’s highly underrated. ET is AWESOME and so is PEACOCK!

  18. Bobby says

    We are a RAINBOW community of queers. I love the word QUEER because it can describe all the diversity in our community and anyone who can’t accept that diversity needs to marry the opposite sex, go to church and pretend with the rest of the world, as for me I’m gonna live an honest life and be who I am without prejudice toward others in my community.

    As long as you’re not hurting children or old people and the sex with your adult partner is consensual, go for it. Don’t let anyone else define you.

  19. Hojee says

    Ummm….a wee bit overdone DEE-pressing video for this song! I need to go watch me some Last Friday Night to cheer up…

  20. Chris says

    Hey, remember the lesploitation “I Kissed A Girl” or the horrendous “Ur So Gay”? Are we supposed to have forgiven her? Apparently I missed that memo.