1. RIck says

    Combine the apathy and irresponsibility of the Chinese towards wildlife conservation–and their increasing affluence–with the corruption and dysfunction of Africa and this is what results.

    The most pathetic aspect of it is that the Asians who can afford to buy rhino horn and other “products” made from endangered wildlife are highly educated, educated enough to know how bogus the claims for the medicinal properties of these products are and enough to know that there are effective legitimate products on the market already. And they also doubtless know that their actions are decimating these majestic species (they are also destroying all the big cats and sharks and bears and most other charismatic species).

    So it boils down to their social irresponsibility.

    A perfect storm, the only solution to which is to shoot poachers on sight, although that is only a partial solution as long as Asian culture in general remains so indifferent to the environment.

  2. Derrick from Philly says


    does your wall poster of Hitler have a metal frame, or is it just laminated like Max’s, Ratbastard’s and DanCornCobbb?

  3. Mike says

    The WWF has been the subject of a lot of criticism over the last few years for being in bed with corporations. The WWF is the Human Rights Campaign of the wildlife conservation world. If I had to believe one or the other, I would believe the IUCN.

  4. endo says

    This makes me so angry. People riot in the streets because their favorite football coach got fired (justifiably no less), but few will care two cents about this.

  5. anon says

    I’m not sure how the poaching problem could be increasing when the animal in question is ‘extinct’. Of course, extinction has been defined down over the last couple of decades. It used to mean “gone like the Dodo”. But now they talk about “functional extinction” or incipient extinction as a way of saying the population is unsustainably small. There are lots of black rhinos, just not where they used to be.

  6. AlexD says

    Yeah to Anon’s point, the black rhino is not extinct. The Western black rhino as categorized is – in that it no longer is where it used to be.

    That said, it’s still very sad to watch the numbers dwindle and nothing be done to protect the species. Especially when the reason for the extinction is based on a completely false belief that the horn has homeopathic powers.

    The only endangered species China cares about is the panda. And that is only because they make a shitload of money off of the conservation efforts surrounding the panda.

  7. says

    Alex and AnonThe Western Black and Northern Black are subspecies of Black Rhino that are distinct from the main populations of Black Rhino- they are extinct- in the same way as the Pinta Island tortoise, a subspecies of tortoise from the Galapagos Islands, will go extinct in a 100 or so years when Lonesome George dies. This is a sad day…

  8. Vlad says

    @Derrick from Philly – Ha! Thanks for taking the time to respond to these creeps. You would think that Rick would wholeheartedly support the manly pursuits of rhino hunting and exploitation of natural resources. Maybe he’s turning into a p–sy?

  9. anon says

    Subspecies isn’t a well defined zoological term. Generally it means an isolated population, which would be like saying the Bronx Zoo subspecies. Sometimes there are morphological distinctions in subspecies, but it’s never clear that our limited snapshot view of species distinctions in live populations represents anything truly important.

    The main problem is that the WWF and other conservationist groups never seem to browbeat Asian populations over their poaching. Rather, they perpetually ask Western nations to pay for anti-poaching enforcement and other conservation efforts. It’s not exactly effective, yet they don’t change their tactics.

  10. Rick says

    @ANON If you meant that WWF doesn’t browbeat Asians over their consumption (rather than poaching), it is because it doesn’t do any good.

    The Japanese, for example, have been “browbeaten” to death by every world body than counts and by every nation that counts over their continued hunting of whales, in addition to being interfered with directly by Greenpeace and others, but to no avail. They just ignore world opinion, claiming that such behavior is “part of their culture”, when they are well-educated enough to know what effect they are having.

    And the Chinese behave the same way. India actually has a bit of an indigenous conservation movement and plenty of people who actually care about wildlife, but conservation efforts there are also hampered by corruption and by the willingness of the Tibetans to act as smugglers via the Himalayas of tiger, bear, and rhino parts.

    Ironic that the Tibetans, who are the darlings of the Left in the West, are a critical link in the destruction of the world’s wildlife–and in cahoots with the Chinese in this dastardly enterprise.