California’s LGBT History Law Under Assault Again with No One to Protect It: Paper

Two efforts threaten SB48, the recently passed LGBT History law in California, which requires schools to add lessons about LGBT people and history to their curriculums. Equality California, the state's largest LGBT advocacy group, is in such turmoil that it's unprepared to protect the law, which goes into effect on January 1, from those who want to repeal it, according to the Bay Area Reporter:

Stopsb48In the first proposal, opponents are trying to alter the law so that California school students don't have to learn about LGBT Americans' historical contributions. Anti-gay activists are also proposing a second initiative that would allow parents to opt their children out of school instruction in social science and family life that conflicts with their moral convictions. Parents can already opt their children out of health lessons….

…The proposals, received by the state attorney general's office November 16, come at a time when Equality California, a key SB 48 sponsor, has been weakened by leadership and financial troubles, and appears unprepared to protect the legislation.

Time is short:

Once the attorney general's office issues titles and summaries for SB 48 repeal and the opt-out proposal, they will go to the secretary of state's office for approval. After the proposals clear that agency, proponents will have 150 days to gather the 504,760 valid signatures they need for each to get on the November 2012 ballot.

Rios said the committees behind the ballot proposals, on which he sits – the Committee to Repeal SB 48 and the Committee for Parental Rights in Education – have just started raising money. He said they have about 400 distribution centers committed to their effort, for activities such as distributing petitions, but he wouldn't share any details, such as where they are.

SB 48 faces new repeal efforts [bay area reporter]


  1. says

    Alan Turing was a gay man who played an incredibly large role in helping bring about the end of WWII. He then committed suicide, post-war, as he was so horrifically treated for being gay.

    and this is not taught in schools. nor is the fact that the gay people “liberated” from the nazi death camps were thrown into prison by the allied forces.

    and these pathetic so-called “Christians” dont’ want these facts taught.

    wake up, America.

  2. Tom says

    I am hopeful that Equality CA can pull it together, but I fear that this is Prop 8 all over again. Just what our community does NOT need is to get beat up at the polls one more time.

  3. Kenneth H. says

    This is what I was afraid of by pushing this bill in California at this time. As another commenter said, the exact wrong thing at the wrong time. The state definitely needs to overhaul their liberal referendum laws. It’s ridiculous to let groups try over and over for the same thing in the same year. There should be a limit of once an election cycle.