1. PHIL says

    Someone should let all the boy’s who’d like to make a lip synching video in the future, know a little trick, actually sing the song when you are doing it, it looks much more realistic.

    Also, Fernlaplante, FYI: there is no language known as “Swiss”. Depending on what part of the country they are from, they would speak Swiss-German, French, Italian, or Romansch (the original “Swiss” language. Technically they learn all 4 in school, plus English—-crazy!

  2. Kylian says

    @PHIL: i was born and raised in Switzerland , so allow me a few precisions: there are indeed 4 national languages in Switzerland, but we don’t learn all of them in school. Rumantsch is only spoken in a very small part of the country (by around 50000 people) and isn’t taught anywhere else. Italian is optional. I was in school in Geneva (french speaking) and only studied german and english (and ancient greek and latin but these are dead languages). And rumantsch is not the original swiss language, because Switzerland started in 1291 as a union of 3 “cantons” who spoke a swiss-german dialect; Graubünden (where they speak rumantsch) joined Switzerland only in 1803.

    I was also in a sanitary division in the army so i found this fun to look at! Even though their lip synching and dancing skills aren’t so great :-))

    Sorry for the mistakes, as I said, I’m french speaking

  3. Lucas says

    Military boys really love to get their Britney on don’t they? Britney should go give a concert for the troops in Iraq!

    These boys are bad dancers, bad lip dubbers, etc., but they are all hot so I don’t mind!

  4. Mike says

    I doubt it was removed because of pressure from higher ups. From the translation of the site linked above by SWISSMEDIC:

    Germanic recruits who posted a video a nothing crazy will not trouble with the army. “There is no racist or degrading, this video was made in their spare time and she had the permission of the commander,” said Daniel Reist, head of communications of ground forces.

    In this film shot almost 4 minutes in the form of lip dub, the health section of the company Rs 42-2 San sways and staged on a Britney Spears song “Hold It Against Me” (“Do not m ‘t want it “). If the gap between the female voice and the very men held the military is the most comical scenes were, overall, not much subversive.

    Some, like the grunt on the toilet or duo vague connotation SM, do not give a very serious image of the Swiss army. But there is nothing to investigate, says Daniel Reist, though was never intended that this film made to host the dinner of the company is found on the internet. “The recruits have already returned home, said the spokesman for ground forces. We found that the video was well done and there was no hazing. “

  5. swissmedic says

    Well.. im one of the soldiers in the video… my friend uploaded it and became whorried because of how quick this video spread in such a short period of time. There was no pressure what so ever from the higher ups.

    ps im for letting it on the web

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