1. Sargon Bighorn says

    When the stakes get low, the fighting intensifies. Meaning, when people fight over the last few remaining jobs, or food, or what have you, they fight even harder. Of course what we have in this video is the fruits of British Imperialism. None of the Non-Whites on that tram brought up that simple fact. The Brits conquered and raped Africa, India, Asia, etc and now the humans from those places are in Britain living their lives as citizens.

  2. alguien says

    it’s most disturbing that she’s ranting like this while holding an impressionable little child.

  3. Brains says

    Being British; I think it is important to clarify the statement that the poor demented lady is making.

    Being British, is different from being English, Welsh, or Scottish.

    That is the distinction.

    In addition, it is true that immigrants have taken over jobs that the English in particular refuse to do.

  4. Chris says

    Can we just make clear that she does not represent the British. Come one, call all to my Britain. As long as you’re prepared to work hard and contribute to our society, I couldn’t care less about the colour of your skin, your religion, your past. And I’m white.

  5. Gary says

    Sad..the powers that be rape us financially, and leave us to squabble and point fingers at others. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain! I feel bad for racist lady, but feel worse for the other working class people she scapegoating. Racist lady is a small-minded victim of propaganda and mis-information, and she’s scared. Wouldn’t it be great if, instead of squabbling among ourselves we could join together, fight for economic justice for all, and lay blame where it really belongs?

  6. Chris says

    She’ll never understand that her country (and America) is so much better and stronger because of its diversity and freedoms, and the economy is so much better because of immigration.

    Luckily we still have some population growth in the US…but Europe in general will face huge economic problems in the coming decades as their population declines.

    A growing population drives a growing economy, which creates more jobs and opportunities for all citizens.

    But she would never understand that.

  7. Myackie says

    Sargon is so right. The Brits raped and looted most of Asia and Africa and Britain still ‘occupies’ Northern Ireland and the Falklands. So many of the world’s problems today can be traced to British imperialism.

    Yet, Britian feels they have the right to criticize other countries. Strange.

  8. Come on... says

    “the southern republican”??? You must have forgotten that there are tons of conservative democrats…

  9. Tim says

    I may not be British, but she is nothing like the Britain I came for. I’m very glad that “her Britain” (as she says) doesn’t exist anymore, because the one that does is SO much better. As others have echoed, it’s one of diversity and opportunity beyond most any other country I’ve been to. Poor child.

  10. coemgenus says

    Fantastic – very encouraging! The whole tram is looking at this chav nutter in disbelief and then ordinary, quiet, normal people begin to challenge and argue with her. That’s the Britain I belong to – that I am proud of, where ordinary people give the half educated, the foul mouthed and moronic what for. How did it end?

  11. say what says


    Britan went to the dogs when her anglo saxon pig dog barbarian ancestors flooded in and massacred the Celts

  12. says

    Her beautiful child seems unperturbed as if he often hears this type of rant. His mother seems to be trying to speak English, but she should learn to speak it better. I wonder what her first language is.

  13. PaulR says

    Let’s all conveniently ignore that youth unemployment in the UK is at a record high. And it started climbing in 2004, the middle of an economic boom, at the same time that immigration levels started increasing.

  14. Rick says

    She may have been drunk and she may be undeducated, but she is not saying anything that 90% of the native population of Britain (and every other European country) thinks….and why shouldn’t they? These immigrants are not British and never will be (nor German nor Dutch nor French, as the case may be) any more than white people could ever “be Japanese” or “be Congolese” or “be Pakistani” (and if they pretended to be, they would get the same reaction from the natives of those countries.

    “Multi-culturalism” has been a colossal failure, everywhere in the world, which should not be surprising–after all, a large part of what makes a society cohesive is having a common culture.

    And if the Left continues to push it, the end result is likely to be another Nazi-like movement that results in great tragedy……

  15. Jo says

    She’s obviously a bit off in the head, but if you’ve lived in London for a few decades, you can understand her sentiment. Everyone, especially us gays, love to live in the naive la la land that diversity is so great. Meanwhile, many immigrants in the UK completely live off the generous welfare benefits provided by the state. There’s an entire new generation of people who literally live on benefits and will never work a day in their life. And statistically, a highly disproportionate amount of them are non-white.

  16. Rick says

    “And statistically, a highly disproportionate amount of them are non-white”

    And a highly disproportionate number of the hard-boiled homophobes are non-white, as well.

  17. Hollywood, CA says

    YAAAAAY to the English girl who stepped in! It’s nice to see the community step in and stop Hatred. Bravo! And Bravo to the black bloke who didn’t knock that woman’s head off her shi&&y racist neck!

  18. anon says

    A perfect example of how anti-hate-speech codes are ridiculous. Her rant didn’t inspire uncivil behavior. Quite the opposite. It promoted corrective speech. Without this sort of debate (which is essentially now illegal) you’ll just get camps of people simmering in anger at each other. In the US, people complaining about immigrants is something of a joke as immigrants tend to be the hardest working people around and everyone knows it.

  19. Fran says

    I totally agree with her. England is an island with limited capacity. She finally blew her stack and said what everyone else is thinking. P.S. She didn’t rob, steal or rape anyone like so many immigrants do.

  20. Rick says

    “In the US, people complaining about immigrants is something of a joke as immigrants tend to be the hardest working people around and everyone knows it.”

    That’s because the alternative, if you are here illegally, is starvation. So, yeah, give anybody a choice between starving or working for $5/hour and they will choose the latter.

    Their children, on the other hand, being citizens because they were born here……become the same kind of high-school drop-outs, drug dealers, teenage moms, and generally dysfunctional drains on society that the rest of the underclass is……just drive around Newark or East LA or lots of other places and you will see just how “hard-working” this second generation is…….

    Same thing you see in Britain and elsewhere in Europe……

  21. Caleb says

    You would have thought that on a website that caters to an LGBT audience, the number of bigots and racists among the commenters would be relatively low. Apparently not! Newsflash: crime tends to be correlated to deprivation, and many immigrant communities in the UK are among the most deprived, thanks in large part to the bigotry and racism that is on display on tram lady’s lips, and, apparently, in the minds of many Towleroad commenters.

  22. Danny says

    @ Rick: that’s funny, man. Cuz here in NYC we have people of every kind, color, ethnicity, religion, and any other marker you care to name all identifying as New Yorkers. Now what’s the problem with multi-culturalism again? It doesnt work only when people like you work at convincing themselves that everybody in a society should be one way – or the highway.

  23. Joe De Hoyos says

    I love how people are so easy to forgive her bigotry as if some outside force is making her behave this way. She alone is responsible for her own behavior, which is vile and evil.