1. Rick says

    Maybe I missed something, but it looked like the only true “love” scenes either involved a man and a woman or two women. The one instance where I think (not sure) I saw two men kissing ended in one of the two pushing the other one away rather violently.

  2. Rick says

    @Paul R Are you sure the blonde is a man? It didn’t look like it to me; if it is, they sure seem to have gone out of their way to make it ambiguous, unlike the scenes involving two women….and the scenes involving the soldiers were more like the traditional male bonding you would see in the military rather than an example of one-to-one same-sex attraction, particularly when you consider what comes immediately after–a number of “fight” scenes of various sorts.

  3. BobN says

    Probably androgynous male kissing possibly androgynous male.

    Woo hooooooooooo…..

    Benetton discovered long ago that all you have to do to sell clothes is evoke strong emotions, even meaninglessly.

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