1. says

    Wow! Terrific and visually stunning but also seizure inducing. Great stuff but brain frying at it’s best….err worst. Too bad it can’t be slowed down for us old folks over 30.
    Loved the “Sunset Boulevard” intro.

  2. FernLaPlante says

    Amazing. It must have taken him forever. The Academy should definitely employ him. Now we just need an annotated version so I can see what scenes are from what films.

  3. Chris says

    Agree with @MAX.
    Terrific compilation, but 50% slower would be much better, and I’d also like subtitles noting which movie each clip was from.

    The compilation is stunning visually and auditorily – but it’s overwhelming, and does not help those of us who missed some great movies decide which ones to see.

  4. bierce says

    It’s dazzling, and I appreciate the hard work of editing, but that must be a record for stringing together so many clips of one second or less. He should include a warning for sufferers of epilepsy.