News: Rod Blagojevich, NASA, Elian Gonzalez, SETI, The Queen

RoadMainstream news outlets ignore Obama's LGBT announcement.

RoadSlaughter: 257 black bears killed on first day of NJ hunting season.

BlagojevichRoadFormer Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich gets 14 years in prison for corruption.

RoadPoor Queen: Pay cut to $50 million a year.

RoadSETI begins searching for E.T. again.

RoadRaleigh, NC City Council passes resolution condemning anti-gay amendment: "The Raleigh City Council passed a resolution Tuesday opposing NC's proposed Anti-LGBT Amendment. The vote was 6-2, with Mayor Nancy McFarlane, who was sworn in yesterday, voting with the majority. Former Mayor Charles Meeker also publicly expressed his opposition to the amendment this weekend."

RoadAlec Baldwin deactivates Twitter account after plane episode.

RoadLindsay Lohan's Playboy cover photo. Shows off massive lips.

RoadKristin Chenoweth on gay adoption: “I have so many gay friends who’ve adopted kids. I think the worry is that their kids will be gay too. And if they’re gay, so what? That fear just shows the ignorance of the overall view of homosexuality and adoption. I swear, if I had two dads or two moms when I was growing up, I’d still be the same person. Probably still not being able to commit!”

DroneRoadBatman or Chinese drone?

RoadNASA's Voyager space craft has reached the outer limits of the solar system: "Voyager 1 still has a little way to go before it completely exits the solar system and becomes the first manmade probe to cross into interstellar space, or the vast space between stars.  The spacecraft has enough battery power to last until 2020, but scientists think it will reach interstellar space before that – in a matter of several months to years."

RoadMale model fix: Miguel Iglesias.

RoadTrial begins in murder of gay CUNY professor: "As the friends and a family member of Edgard Mercado wept, prosecutors told a Manhattan jury that the evidence would prove that Davawn Robinson meant to kill the 39-year-old gay man when he strangled him in Mercado’s East Village apartment in 2009."

RoadMichele Bachmann bags Phyllis Schlafly's endorsement.

BmwRoadBMW's electric car event at Art Basel.

RoadLady Gaga met with the White House yesterday on bullying.

RoadJohn McCain thinks he's the GOP kingmaker.

RoadRick Santorum says gays "de-stabilize the family" when they have children "through technology": "Some say well, through technology, same-sex couples can have children. Well they can, through either adoption, or artificial insemination…but they don’t get the mother and a father.”

RoadCuban raft survivor Elian Gonzalez turns 18.

RoadHangover pill approved by the FDA: "The over-the-counter drug cocktail combines 1,000 milligrams of aspirin, 120 milligrams of caffeine and a stomach-soothing agent into two effervescent tablets taken the morning after a night of heavy drinking. Once dissolved in water, the remedy claims to knock out multiple hangover symptoms in just 15 to 30 minutes."


  1. says

    …cuz nothing says ‘Stable Family’ like bringing home a dead fetus in a jar to meet the siblings – and scar them for the rest of their lives.

    Something tells me the santorum kids have a lot more to worry about than a ‘Google problem’.

  2. Brian in Texas says

    Blagoavich basically got convicted for being a politician. They all trade favors, they all use appointments to reward donors, etc. He was just dumb and arrogant to be so ham handed about it.

  3. says

    We were very pleased when ABC World News and George Stephanopoulos did a nice piece on Obama’s LGBT policy and Clinton’s LGBT speech. We didn’t watch other news stations like CBS or NBC but assumed they too covered the subject (apparently not?).

  4. Manhattanvince says

    Blagoavich was trying to SELL Obama’s senate seat, that is corruption pure and simple. I don’t know of any other sitting governors trying to do the same thing and equating that with just being a politician is naive at best.

  5. Charlie says

    Just as a footnote, the Elian Gonzalez fiasco as been cited as the reason Al Gore lost his presidential bid. It is speculated that the Cuban community in Florida was so upset with the Clinton administration for sending him back to his father that they took it out on Al Gore.

  6. uffda says

    Blagoavich couldn’t possibly get more than he deserves – an arrogant creep of epic proportions, his hubris was staggering. I’m so glad he goes to prison where he might hopefully experience in his person what he was trying to do to the Senate electoral process.

  7. Bob R says

    @Charlie: believe me when I tell you the Cuban community did not cost Gore the election. The Cuban community has been and pretty much to this day continues to be a solid GOP voter block. It’s JFK and ALL Democrats they hate, ever since the Bay of Pigs fiasco.

    Even so called Cuban “Democrats” cannot be counted on. Gore called then Miami-Dade Mayor Alex Penelas, who was to help Gore in the Cuban community and conveniently disappeared on a “vacation” during the election/vote count episode, “the single most treacherous and dishonest person I dealt with in the 2000 election.”

    What cost Gore the Florida electoral votes was a combination of Katherine Harris, the famous “butterfly ballot” that threw the Jewish condo vote to Pat Buchanan of all people, along with bogus black box voting run by Diebold along with calculated voter disenfranchisement in African-American precincts. Jeb Bush rigged the vote in Florida and that was later proven that Gore actually won by several hundred votes, but it was much too late to do any good. History will show Gore was the legitimately elected President and a coup staged by a GOP dominated Supreme Court appointed GW Bush to the Presidency. A very sad day for America, for which we continue to pay dearly.

  8. Brian in Texas says

    Blagojevich should be punished and given a felony conviction, but FOURTEEN YEARS is excessive. There are murderers and child molesters in the state of Illinois who serve less time than that. He should get no more than 2 years.

    He has two young daughters as well that will be deprived of a parent.

  9. uffda says

    Brian@, deprived of THIS parent will give his daughters a fighting chance to experience the good sense and common decency which thrives beyond an atmosphere of disgraceful corruption.

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