1. Paul R says

    Thank heavens for DADT repeal!

    I bet the main AF beef with this is that in a couple places guys touch each other’s bare skin. Horrors!

    I wonder if conservatives will go after this as an example of what DADT repeal has wrought and risk criticism for attacking the military. Probably. Morons.

  2. D.R.H. says

    pRICK’s warped understanding of acceptable heterosexual behavior must be severely challenged with this video.

    Either that or he’ll rationalize it with some bogus about the lines between gay and straight being erased. In his closeted fantasy land.

  3. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    For Air Force Academy cadets, I expected them to be a lot more buff. The nerdy engineering guys in my college dorm thirty-years-ago were more cut than these cadets. Are USAF standards getting laxer…or is it that Americans in-general are getting flabbier by-comparison?

  4. Nat says

    “Either that or he’ll rationalize it with some bogus about the lines between gay and straight being erased. In his closeted fantasy land.”

    There are definitely barriers being broken down. I don’t think it’s going to lead to what I think Rick wants – which is all straight-identifying men deciding they want to have sex with other men. As someone who counts straight men as some of my nearest and dearest, it’s just not going to happen. But I’m optimistic that we as a society will continue to encourage individual freedom and security of expression.

  5. Sargon Bighorn says

    Remember when we were all young and pretty! We all get our turn at being 19 or 20 or what ever. Don’t waste your turn now regardless of your age. Make the most of it. I’m glad our Air Force is Ready to defeat the terrorists, one blue boxer short at a time.

  6. sparks says

    Love love love! Looks like they had a blast! Really makes the video all the more enjoyable to watch.

    And yeah the main guy was adorable but I saw a few other head-turners!

  7. buster says

    LOL @ Sargon.

    Not to be negative about the Hollywood mythology in our society, but, as someone once said “the prettiest boy and girl from every high school class in America move to Hollywood to get into the movies.” Showing up here ‘pretty’ doesn’t even get you through the studio gates.

    The lead in the video (hell, almost everyone in the video) is pretty but I’m pretty sure that if he got in the US Air Force Academy he has a lot more going for him that his pecs and abs.

  8. says

    That was actually far tamer than I suspected when I read it wasn’t allowed to be used. Certainly tamer than some of the other military videos we’ve seen.

    I have to admit, this one was probably the most creative, too. They really pulled the retro vibe off well with the choreography; it went great with the music.

  9. Will says

    The AF has gone through a lot of bad press lately; this wouldn’t be a good thing to add to the fire. Not that it’s horribly wrong, but it shows a culture of laxidasical (sp?), carelessness, and unprofessionalism….all the types of things the AF is under heat for right now in the big news.

    There are policies put in place to make sure that things that are displayed are that of a professional nature. Now granted, there are a lot of videos out on youtube of lots of military folks doing pretty stupid things; the AF is only doing what it felt is in its best intrest and not “raise another eyebrow”.

    Sure, it’s a fun video, and good on the cadet who posted it to youtube. it gave us a few good laughs and smiles. when I was in ROTC we never did anything that involved shirtless men prodding around…usually just the Top Gun rehashes. Hope the kids had fun, but also hope they learned a professional lesson too, because one day they’re going to be in the same seat, seeing a video of cadets/airmen/officers/etc… and have to decide if it’s “OK” or not. Not an easy move.

  10. Jack says

    Good stuff. America must be doing something right to produce such bright, fun and talented young men. The lead guy in the video has got a likability and charisma that just jumps out of the screen at you. After the Air Force mabye Hollywood or Broadway would be a good career choice for him.

  11. steven davis says

    Im sorry, but a member of the military is not sexy. Homicide is not sexy. Genocide is not sexy. This is trying to appeal to instincts that are insulting to any self respecting gay person with a brain. Make love not war, I say. It’s time to end violence, but I guess it’s hard out there trying to find a paycheck….

  12. Jack says

    As a proud navy veteran and gay man, I take offense at Steven Davis’ post characterizing as homicidal and genocidal killers the courageous young men and women who put their lives on the line in the service of our nation.His closing insult insinuating that these bright and talented young people are in the military because they would find it hard to earn a paycheck in civilian life more than idiotic. These young people are the cream of the crop. Their high school records and SATs are stellar. They would excell at whatever career they choose. Whether Steven Davis is a coward or just a naive pacifist, I don’t know. I am just thankful that these young people are not of his ilk.

  13. jack says

    This video says so many positive things about America. These young cadets,by virtue of the fact that they were accepted into a military academy, are very bright and accomplished young people. They are also talented and fun.This is America’s future and it looks bright. I had to watch this uplifting video before I watch the doom and gloom video of a preacher named Scott Lively whose mind is shackled by the myths and dogmas of the past.

  14. jack says

    I love this video. I view it every time it is on. Am I just an older gay dude mesmerized by Elijah or has he got something special? His likability and attractiveness just jumps out of the screen at you. WOW!

  15. jack says

    You are beginning to make me feel like a stalker. I have to watch this video every time you post it. These kids are charmers. Elijah is a showman. It makes me want to join the USAF, but i think you have to be under 35 and that leaves this stalker out.

  16. jack says

    All right, i admit it, i looked at the USAF Academy cadets video again. Probably for the tenth time. It lifts my spirits after viewing the crap that Mitt, Rick, Newt and Ron are mouthing. I say mouthing because with the possible exception of His Holiness Pope Rick I and the “former” anti-black bigot Ronnie, the other two will say whatever they think there republican base wants to hear.

  17. Hadassah Weinreb says

    The US AF Academy is Ground Zero of the Born Again Christians in the US military. If these twinks aren’t Fundis when they get in, they most definately are when they leave……that is if they have any hopes of a career in the US AF

  18. jack says

    Thanks for frequently posting this video. It makes me happy. It is a great counter weight to the anti-gay crap that you rightly bring to our attention. Although, I kinda feel like a dirty old man because I want to start a fan club for the cadet in the technicolored shorts. He is a delight to watch.

  19. Goon4Loon says

    Prick teasers! Military straights know gays want to watch military men do dirty things and brazenly make sex videos like this to prick tease us! But the prudish anti-gay thought police put in power by ignorant backwoods voters — who are stomping angry about states making gay marriage legal — seek vengeance against us by banning the prick teasers. It’s a conspiracy!

  20. StevyD says

    Gay people are not finally catching up to the straight world, it just the opposite. People and especially men are realizing that the restricted gender rolls they have inherited, maintained and until recently promoted are responsible for emotionally distant men, excessive bravado and hostility, limited sexual and emotional expression, and a limitation of roll models reducing opportunities for non conforming individuals. Humans are capable of a wide range of varied personalities, differences and expressions, which if non-violent are in no need of limitation or old-time myth based restrictions. Freedom might look silly but that ain’t so bad. I think it’s hilarious.

  21. Stephen Frost says

    lol. I wonder if it was banned solely because they occasionally touch each other’s abs. I suspect so. Did anyone else notice they stripped and then they threw their costumes and they were on hangers? lol. Super organised! haha.

  22. aramax1001 says

    That was such a cute video, with waaaaay too cute air force cadets. Yum!! More. From a dumb blonde gay jock, Mikey. Keep it coming, guys. (Drool)

  23. jj says

    I agree, it’s not appropriate. It’s fun, well produced and there’s nothing wrong with it if it were for a college fraternity, but frankly, when you’re representing the U.S. military you’re held to a different standard. I’d imagine the lyrics to the video where as objectionable to the powers that shot this video down. Again, I think it’s a great video, but I wouldn’t include it in any sanctioned military festivities either.

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