1. theo says

    Can’t wait for the whole thing, I read on Muumuse the bridge really makes the song. Excited for the full album actually.

  2. endo says

    Horrible bland pop… but I still like Adam Lambert and will buy the full album. There are usually some gems that don’t get released as singles.

  3. LiamB says

    Not big on snippets. Don’t always give a good idea of the finished product. Kind of Sleepwalker-like. Wasn’t thrilled with the snippet but the actual song was great.

  4. Blake says

    “How come this site talks about this guy so much?”

    Because he’s an openly gay mainstream recording artist under the age of 30 in 2011. This is a gay news site. The end.

  5. quite contrary says

    Kinda shrill, but maybe it’s the computer speakers.

    This little bit sounds like teeny-bopper music, not rock.

  6. Larry says

    I saw Adam on his “Glamnation Tour”. I will be a fan forever. His audience demographic is across the spectrum. The lady sitting next to me at the concert had driven from east Alabama to north Mississippi. She was in her late 70’s and she rocked the night!
    He is terrific, talented, handsome and hot. Sorry GQ but Adam is loaded with testosterone… The clip sounds great BTW.

  7. Allen says


    Is it the under 30 thing that makes him particularly relevant to this site? Is this site geared toward people under 30? Im not being a smart a**. It is a real question.

    I dont seen an “Alert” every time other gay artist does something so I just really want to know; why this game show winner is such a big damn deal on this site?

  8. RJ says

    @Allen… you obviously haven’t read this blog much if you missed all the other out musicians who have been mentioned/profiled here. And btw, he didn’t win; he was runner-up. Doesn’t matter though. He’s still a great performer. He’s obviously not to everyone’s taste. Since you don’t seem to care for him, why not just move along to something that does interest you? Why would you even care that other readers like to read about him?

  9. tommy says

    you know I am tired of bitchy queens who cannot appreciate someone like Adam, who isn’t afraid to be themselves, and comes off as a hell of a nice guy. This is talented guy, he has style, class, and integrity and the backing of his entire family. And what really was cute was how nervous he was to meet Madonna.