Faces of War


TDW writes: "For her photo series Marked, photographer Claire Felicie took three photos each of 20 soldiers between the ages of 18 and 26, before, during, and after their six-month tour of Afghanistan with the the 1st Battalion, 13th infantry company of the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps."

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  1. Alan says

    When Saddam Hussein, Kim Jong il and Gaddafi were slaughtering people, I wonder what the faces of the slaughtered looked like and what they must be going thru?

    I am glad that Obama is standing up to dictators and shooting bin Laden in the face. Who knew a Nobel peace price was a license to kill?

    Freakin’ awesome this world we live in.

  2. tominsf says

    Makes me think of the doctor in Brussels measuring Marlow’s skull before he goes out to the Congo in Conrad’s Heart of Darkness. The doctor regrets he can’t measure his subjects after they come back as well, but after all, “the changes take place inside.”

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