1. Paul R says

    He scares me. Sure, he’s got a great body, but his weird mix of egoism, traced by hints of insecurity, make him seem unstable.

    But meeting him and suffering harm are not exactly among the 10,000 concerns of my life.

  2. Dan Cobb says

    Please! Marky Mark couldn’t hold a candle to this guy. Mario Lopez is one of the all-time hottest dudes ever on the planet. Agreed that the personality is a bit egocentric, but at least he didn’t blind an old man with a crowbar during a robbery, like Mark Wallberg did. Wallberg is just disgusting. Yes, he had a hot bod (not so much any more), but I just can’t get past Wallberg’s nihilism and fake machismo.

  3. mike128 says

    Agree with most of the posters here – he’s got a great body but there’s something weirdly missing when it comes to sexual energy. Also, I HATE the name “rated M”. Who came up with that? It’s horrible.

  4. Kevin says

    The body’s attractive, the face used to be attractive, but as it’s implied, there is something soul-less about him. Maybe he just needs a little love, or a mirror.

  5. LuckyLinden says

    Last I checked he was pro-gay rights and that information came from his own statements and his time hosting THE OTHER HALF, if he’s fiscally conservative then I’ve got no issue with him (even if I think he might be wrong on a specific issue or two). Now if he’s talking out of both sides of his mouth (are there statements against gays somewhere, too, in less public venues that are confirmed) or financially supporting in significant ways anti-gay politicians, then we have a problem. As for a rape allegation that was investigated and never charged (rarely to be ever mentioned again in gossip obsessed Hollywood) it seems scurrilous to bring it up nearly 20 years later.

    As for Paul, who senses instability that might do someone personal harm one day, all from underwear ads, pet trick shows, and SBTB reruns…I’m not sure what to say.

    Vapid, soulless work on the other hand…totally agree. He’s not a great talent. But we venerate others for far less talent and bodies of work, so there’s that.

    Weird turn this thread on underwear modeling by a celebrity took…

  6. OMNOMNOM says

    Yeah, right. I’ve seen dog turds drying on a hot summer sidewalk that had more personality and appeal than Mario Lopez. This guy is not remotely attractive (never has been, and never will be), and he’s not even in the same league as Mark Wahlberg.

  7. breckroy says

    Weird. I saw this story on a few gay blogs and noticed a trend. Early in the comments on some (not all) someone mentions that Lopez is a “self identified” or “well known” conservative and implies that we’re supporting a quiet homophobe. And/or that weird, unsupported rape allegation from 20 years ago comes up. Then the talk turns to him being not an ally and sexless/soul-less/etc. Sort of odd for a beefcake post and sort of odd to see it on more than one site. Is there some sort of anti-Mario Lopez faction I have no idea about? I catch him doing GLAAD work, anti-gay bullying PSAs with Kristen Chenoweth, talking about how much he values the gay community, talking about how being gay is just NOT an issue to people his age and is exploited by politics on “The Other Half,” and playing a gay man with AIDS (and being raped semi-onscreen) when other “teen idols” would never have handled it. So he’s personally conservative? So he’s personality deficient and more model than actor? Who cares. I’d take more like him over the good looking celebs who remain totally silent or actually are anti-gay. Why there seem to be a handful of people (maybe just one person) who seeds stories about him on gay blogs with weird implications and attacks is beyond me.

  8. mark says

    remote patrolled said: “there is something so sexless about him”.

    yes, it could be that he’s been a packaged hollywood personality for too long.

    maybe he didn’t have a chance to develop himself and his interests.

    kind of comes with the territory.

    maybe he’ll get that later in life.

  9. paulus says

    To me he comes across as a self-centered(laced with some narcissism) personality. He is vapid; he would consider you extremely lucky to have him as your friend! Well, nature will modify him into something less adorable, in due time!

  10. Sergio says

    I agree with the others on here – he is sexless. He reminds me of those game show hosts from the 1950’s who always had plastered smiles on their faces and phoney personalities.

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