Marcus Bachmann Decides He Doesn’t Want a Public Battle Over Fees for Unused ‘Ex-Gay’ Therapy Sessions

You may recall that back in July, John Becker, from Truth Wins Out, a group that works to expose the "ex-gay" movement, paid an undercover visit to Marcus Bachmann for a set of "pray away the gay" therapy sessions which he then wrote up to apply pressure to the Bachmanns for accepting public funds for this discredited and damaging practice.

Marcus_bachmannYou may also recall that in November, Bachmann began demanding payment for the sessions that Becker didn't use.

Bachmann has decided to let it all drop, which disappoints Truth Win Out's Wayne Besen:

“The last thing we expected was for Marcus Bachmann to behave rationally and abandon his specious and spiteful claim that we owed him money. It is a shame that he wasn’t foolish enough to allow a $150 billing dispute to turn into free publicity that highlighted the harm caused by ‘ex-gay’ programs.”


  1. jaime jones says

    That photo is priceless. It says so much about Michelle and denial.

    (There’s something about it that reminds me of Fellini’s Satyricon.)

  2. Jonathan says

    Marcus makes Harvey Fierstein look like a rugged outdoorsman. That picture is priceless, poor Marsuc, not only is he a gay man trapped in the body of a Christian drone, but he’s married to that insane stupid woman.

  3. Jim says

    There’s something genuinely creepy about the Bachmanns, it’s almost like they’re pod people from Invasion Of The Body Snatchers or something. There’s something robotic, Stepfordian, without emotion or reason. Michele needs to be pistol whipped, though. That’s all she would understand.

  4. seattle mike says

    I’ve heard that Jennifer Coolidge is going to play him in the upcoming biopic of the Bachmanns. Would she nail that, or what?