NBA Player Von Wafer is Not Gay


Boston Celtic Von Wafer, who sent out a tweet yesterday that had some people thinking we might just have our first out professional athlete, is not gay, and he claims that a teammate sent out the tweet declaring "I just wanna be gay,I wanna be honest with y'all… I like mens since I was like 15yo , dont be mad ppl on me cuz I still wanna have friends".


  1. Mike says

    Thank god he handled that well. I was worried that when he explained this, it was going to full of offensive remarks, but it was not that angry, just apologetic. Good for him, GLAAD won’t have to call in the troops on this one.

  2. 99% says

    And what of the teammate? How about they toss that overpaid, under-educated schmuck under the team bus.

    Must be nice to have so much money that you can hang out in Europe while your profession is out on “strike” demanding more.

  3. Michael W. says

    Yeah, I don’t blame him for finding it a very, very, very, very sick joke because being gay is the worst thing a person can think of you as being, right? Jackass.

  4. Gman says

    I agree with Michael W. This guy showed his bigotry by his response to the allegedly hacked tweet. The sick joke here is on anyone who doesn’t see what a bigot this von Wafer is!! Will the NBA have a talk with him about his bigotry? Would he take the time to read the works of MLK if I sent it to him for Christmas?

  5. Francis says

    Good response towards a potential ugly situation from Von Wafer.

    Unfortunately, incidents such as this just highlight how “gay” is still not something that is respected among many circles, mostly young, immature males. Hopefully Von’s response shuts his stupid teammate (and others who found this funny) up.

  6. Francis says

    Um, context, people. Clearly, he meant the joke is sick in an offensive sense. He wasn’t saying being gay is sick. And the guy clearly, if you look at his tweet history, isn’t a rocket science, so to speak. Give him a bit of a pass.

  7. JP says

    Can a guy apologize in a non-offensive way without us getting all upset? It was a sick joke that someone would use gay as an insult. I think this guy handled it VERY well…typos and poor grammar aside lol.

  8. Jeffrey in St. Louis says

    What is offensive is not the tweet that someone sent on his account, but rather that someone who graduated high school, was admitted to and attended college still can’t speak or write English.

    The fact that he has a high school diploma and was admitted to college are the real offenses here.

  9. Gregv says

    Michael W. And GMan: There was no bigotry in anything he said. It was, indeed, sick for someone on his team to think that the idea of coming out as gay should be a punch line to use to mock a teammate.
    It would be similar if an anti-Semitic or racist teammate had sent a tweet from a white, Christian’s account saying “Hey, guys, I’m really black” or “I’m Jewish” thinking such a thing should mock and embarrass him.

  10. Joey Y says

    Give it a rest. He wasn’t saying that being gay was sick, but it WAS a pretty sick joke for someone to falsely “out” him like that, because to THEM they think that being gay is something funny or shameful, and it’s also a sick joke because many gay youth were/are hoping for a high-profile athlete to come out while they are still actually playing and it’s not funny to get their hopes up.

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