1. William says

    Funny that Mr. Craig Stowell is speaking about “traditional values” when he has a wife of non-WASP origin. In some States that would have been against “traditional values”, and in fact, the law, had it not been for the advancement of human and civil rights.

  2. Tom in long beach says

    I totally agree. The same thing make me cringe during the NO on
    8 campaign. What would be wrong with showing loving couples in long term relationships ?

  3. Hawthorne says

    I think what’s important for the message to impart is that “regular folks” support gay marriage. That is press our cause strongly needs. This ad is not about gay people standing up for gay marriage, it is about straight people standing up for gay marriage. The people who developed and funded the ad, and the people featured in it, are our allies. We should be thankful to them for joining our cause.

  4. THOM says

    @Hawthrone: Completely agree, we need to show that it isn’t LGBT people who are passionate about marriage equality, but our straight allies as well. I think this advertisement conveys that message well.

    I’m still confused by William’s comment, I’m convinced he didn’t watch the video at all.

  5. Gregv says

    @William: Thom is right that it doesn’t sound like you listened to the ad before commenting. Stowell’s only words in the ad were “This is New Hampshire” and then, in response to the statement that some government officials want to take away rights:”That’s not New Hampshire.”.
    There’s no irony. I’m sure he understands that those sane lawmakers would have taken away his family’s rights in the sixties, and he doesn’t want that to happen to his gay brother, either.

    @Candide001: I don’t see what it would have added if they had used the word “gay” or an acronym like “LGBT.”.
    The rights in question belong to married couples who are of the same sex. A lot of gay people are single, a lot of people married to a spouse of the same sex are not gay, and those bisexual or transgendered people who are married to someone of the “other” sex would still have marriage rights if same-sex couples are denied them.
    I think it’s important to keep talking about “MARRIAGE EQUALITY” and hammering home the fact that we are talking about maintaining (or establishing) equal rights for EVERYONE (as they do in this ad).
    We shouldn’t confuse the public into thinking we want (or have) some kind of new law designed just for us where we get “gay married” (instead of just “married”) and get some unique list of “perks” for it (which is often portrayed by the bigots as “special rights” but is always inferior whenever we’re not just covered under the SAME laws as everyone else.

  6. sleepy bear says

    I want to believe that there are good Republicans in the world… and very infrequently then there are examples such as these two people (unless they’re actually just actors portraying Republicans).

    But I just don’t “get” what people see (including, and especially gay republicans) in a political cult that is overwhelmingly cruel and obviously only for the wealthy and damn the rest.

    Its like they’re just brainwashed into supporting a sports team and they don’t care about all the harm their sports team has done in their name, including all the gay teen suicides aggravated by the hatred stirred up by their sports team… its like part of their humanity is missing or atrophied and they only care about whether their sports team wins or not.

    I knew a lesbian who was rabidly Republican and she owned a car dealership. She loved George W. Bush because he and the Republicans were going to protect her money and she didn’t care about all the hatred stirred up by the Republicans against gays… she didn’t care about gay marriage because she never wanted her lover to have that kind of legal access to her money and she didn’t care that other gays couldn’t marry. She lost her dealership during the 8 years of Bush, which bankrupted her business. She had to move in with her parents. Lost freaking everything… while blaming Democrats. How do you reason with that?

  7. KP says

    Maybe I am being too cynical but when I viewed this ad, I couldn’t help but think that if these people hadn’t voted those asshats into the legislature in the first place we wouldn’t be in this mess. When I am in a better mood, maybe I will be happy that at least these Republicans are actually standing up for us and not simply ignoring the issue like most. That is a positive at least. Hopefully the politicians will listen to this ad but since they don’t seem to listen to the public in most cases, I am still feeling unwary about the whole vote next year. Maybe I am too cynical today.

  8. says

    I like that the ad frames the repeal of the gender-neutral marriage law as an attack on families. I agree with commenters above that the ad needs to say SOMETHING specific about same sex couples.

  9. says

    The ad is very narrowly and intentionally focused on straight Republicans, because they’re the only ones gunning for equality repeal in NH. Standing Up for NH Families was deliberately put together as a “bi-partisan” group to appeal to the Republican lawmakers who control the NH legislature and, more importantly, to constituents who may be conservative but don’t see why this needs to be revisited.

    It would be a different ad and a different campaign if marriage equality didn’t already exist in NH. The threat to it is entirely Republican–surprise!

    Meanwhile, NH Freedom to Marry is pushing for all NH citizens who believe in equality to contact their legislators to make sure the vote falls well under a veto-proof majority.

    I think more emphasis could be put on the fact that in a year when the economy and employment should be the focus, right-wing Republicans are choosing instead to focus on harming gay NH families. Any reasonable person would think the repeal effort is a waste of time and money. If NH gets thru this legislative cycle, equality should be safe there.

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