Troy, MI Mayor Janice Daniels Won’t Visit Neighbors as She’s Recovering from Fatigue Brought on by Her Homophobia


Troy, Michigan Mayor Janice Daniels, who is still in office after a week of calls for her resignation over anti-gay remarks she made on Facebook, told the Detroit Free Press on Saturday that she wouldn't be making her "weekly walk" to visit the city's neighborhoods:

"I'm very tired and I don't feel well," Daniels said.

Last week, angry residents demanded Daniels resign after Facebook comments surfaced that she made back in July. Said Daniels in the comments: "I think I am going to throw away my I Love New York carrying bag now that queers can get married there"


  1. says

    She needs a better, mind-opening education to be in high office, and maybe she needs to follow some compassionate religion like Christianity in its tolerant, original version. She needs to be a better American, one who truly believes in equality and freedom. Then she might make a good mayor.

  2. Truth says

    Daniels needs to go ASAP! Troy business owners are already feeling the effects of a call to boycott local businesses in Troy because of their homophobic, bigoted Tea-party Mayor.

  3. Gregoire says

    Keep the pressure on this bigot. Punish Troy businesses for putting this loud clown in office in the first place. That sounds harsh, but when are people going to learn to not put these kinds of hateful idiots into office in the first place?

  4. uffda says

    Lewq@ you are a true physician. Loved the comment.

    It is Soooooo good to see people being brought down for their hateful remarks about gay citizens who have lives, jobs, kids, and feelings just like anyone else. Duh, why don’t they know that?

  5. sparks says

    She could’ve simply gone with the “Oh noz my facebook wuz haxored!” excuse, followed by the obligatory “IF anyone was offended” pseudo-apology, topped with a big fluffy dollop of “And now I’M being bullied by gay activists who refuse to allow public officials to be hateful in peace.”

    Silly heifer.

  6. says

    Unfortunately, I know from experience that some of the commenters who are denouncing Janice Daniels here think nothing of going among their friends and throwing the Q-word around like it’s ready to go out of style. When applied to homosexual, pansexual or transsexual persons (especially LGBT children), “queer” is always, always, ALWAYS a hateful and dehumanizing slur! It makes no difference who uses it! Either the offender is slapping you in the face with their bigotry, or they’re communicating it to you on the sly (internalized heterosexism is an undiagnosed epidemic among us). Therefore, heads of LGBT advocacy organizations and editors of Gay publications who “reclaim” this demeaning label should be pressured to resign as well. I daresay there is no group of people more fond of sex and gender disparagement today than our own! Mayor Daniels could learn more than a few tips on how to enhance her homophobia from all the self-described “d*kes”, “moes”, “f*gs”, “queers” and “tr*nnies”. Poet JM Cavaness said it best: “Your neighbor may not be all he claims/He may have bad habits galore/Get an old X-ray and examine yourself/You will likely find many more/Your sinful habits may be so bad/As to make you by many abhorred/Get busy, old man, get busy today/And clean up your own back yard.” (Jayhawker Juleps, published 1913, Tribune Publishing)

  7. Gregoire says

    Wow, somebody missed the point. It’s not that she used the word ‘queer’. It was her entire hate-filled post! Way to spin off into a wordy tangent.

  8. J. Page says

    What kills me is that there are calls to boycott the city of Troy. How about a boycott of the entire homophobic state of Michigan?

    There have been some strides made for the LGBT population there, but Michigan is too well known for the strides it makes then for taking 10 steps backwards (for Jesus).

  9. Jake says

    @Stuffed Animal,
    You’re making ignorant generalizations, SA.

    And, I agree with Gregoire, you missed the point entirely. It’s how this bigot used the word, not that the word itself was used, that’s a different argument.

  10. says

    to see the legions of other areas and issues that StuffedAnimal continues to “miss the point” on, check out his pathetic blog. be warned – it’s Palin-level stupidity.

  11. Alex says

    J. Page,

    Do you even live in Michigan? I do! I live in a very progressive Michigan town with legal protections for ALL of its LGBT citizens. Michigan’s recently elected Republican Governor was a result of the economy under a previous long-term Democrat Governor, not because of any anti-gay sediment. The current Gov. may not be considered gay-friendly but he is certainly not the worst in the nation in terms of gay rights.

    Don’t be so naive and judgmental; there are pockets of anti-gay areas ALL over this nation, HELLO, Prop 8 in “progressive” California!

  12. says

    @ STUFFED ANIMAL: there are many of us in the “sexual outlaw” community who think of themselves as queer and use the term in a positive way. If you can’t understand that, I’m sorry, but it is true. It’s not for you to decide.

    Surely, Janice and other homophobes use queer in a (very) negative way and should be called on it. But most language requires context. Even the f- and n- words can be OK in the the right, if very limited, context. (Viz., Amy Ray’s use of f**its in her lyrics.)

  13. John D says

    Stuffed Animal, the problem isn’t that she said “queer.” I say it all the time. A few years ago, a straight friend asked me if I found “queer” offensive. “Let me see: I watch ‘Queer as Folk,’ I like reading queer theory, I listen to queercore… Hard to get offended.”

    If she had said, “I think I am going to throw away my I Love New York carrying bag now that gays and lesbians can get married there” I would be equally offended. It’s not the q-word, it’s her whole bigoted attitude.

  14. avoid somerset collection says

    I agree emphatically with John D.

    Again: The statement was completely offensive — and earning of a boycott of Troy, Michigan — independent of the q-word issue. (While it was obvious that her use of the q-word wasn’t made in a “queer theory” or other innocuous context.)