1. Steve says

    Nigeria can afford it. It’s a kleptocracy, but a very rich country by African standards.

    They are total retards though. Their bill (even in the “mild” version) isn’t about same-sex marriage at all. It’s about outlawing any kind of relationship, any kind of PDA and any kind of LGTB support groups

  2. Josh says

    This quick, surgical slap to the face of African cultural hatred toward GLBTs is wonderful. Foreign aid is a hot commodity, though I wonder how small the non-military portion of it is.

  3. Rick says

    a) I told you so. When America chastises the government of a foreign country publicly, it almost always backfires and has the opposite effect of the one intended.

    b) That said, this statement…..”We have a culture. We have religious beliefs and we have a tradition. We are black people. We are not white.”……resonates and it could be that nothing will eradicate the seemingly ingrained homophobia of the black race, whether in Africa, in the Carribean, or right here in the good ole USA.

    What very few gay black activists there are in this country, even, seem to be more concerned with attacking white gay people (as evidenced on this board all the time) and ensuring a continued flow of homophobic non-white immigrants into our country than they are with eradicating the homophobia in their own communities……and the concentration of new HIV infections among black males, due largely to “down-low” closetedness just seems to underscore all that.

    I don’t know that there is really anything to be done about it all.

    Cue Derrick and others to yell “Racism”. Ho-hum

  4. says

    RICK, we’re still all waiting for you to post the URL to your own page, or youtube video, where you show us all how to live as strong, masculine empowered gay men.

    seriously, what’s the URL? Click my name and you’ll see me put a face to what I say.

    Why can’t you? You rail all the time against “femme guys” yet have never shown us all the big strong masculine gay male role model that you claim to be.

    so prove us all wrong, and prove yourself right. provide the URL to your own page or youtube video that shows what a strong masculine gay man you are.

    we’re waiting.

  5. James says

    Well, I dont care, good bye. More money in our pockets here in the States. Let them handle themselves. We will take all the LGBT People in their country also.

  6. Jesus says

    @Little Kiwi, thank you for calling Rick on this

    @Rick, what is this statement, “what very few gay black activists there are in this country”

    Look, I’m not gonna even pretend to know how many gay black activists there are in this country, let alone try to define their objects collectively and make all these asinine, ridiculously overreaching statements about their goals and such.

    But hey, you want to make yourself look like a cis-gendered white guy with access to privilege just explaining to all us “ignorant” folks what’s “really good”, then by all means, take that ivory tower all for yourself.

    For the people on this blog who actually want to discuss the intersectionality of race, gender, and sexuality, PLEASE do so.

    No matter what other people might try to convince you of, we are listening, and now the people of Nigeria, Uganda, and the rest of the damn world know it. America hears you and we support you. Not all of us, but a great number of us.

  7. uffda says

    Little Kiwi@ you really are such a chihuahua after Rick – barking and barking and barking. Give it a rest. He’s going to co-exist whether you like it or not. And though mostly negative and rather extreme he’s far from always wrong.

    Your website is great and I love your valiant spirit so clearly born of the pain of being rejected by some for not being one of the macho guys. But you’re steely strong and way smart to be sure and I admire you for all of it. But Rick – you’re never going to change him and continuing to slash and snarl is unseemly. Many of us love and admire you as you are. Let that be enough. Fondly.

  8. jim says

    “So if (Western nations) will hold their aid to us, to hell with them.”

    Yeah, we’ll see how long that posturing lasts once the money stops rolling in from the Western bloc. Morons.

  9. Hollywood, CA says

    Can all of the AID that was being funneled to Nigeria please come back to support UNITED STATES CITIZENS who are out of a job right now… or healthcare… or legal fees for organizations like the ACLU?

    I don’t want 1 American dime to go to these people.

  10. says

    uffda, i wasn’t rejected by anyone for not being one of the macho guys. i was embraced for it. rick, however, comes on here every day to fling hatred toward all the gay men who remind him of what his father hates about gays.

    so as long as rick is on here spewing bigotry and self-loathing, i’ll be on here pointing out that he’s a coward with no balls.

    after all, if he was even half the man he pretends to be he’d have proven me wrong – he’d have posted a link to his page. to his youtube video. to ANYTHING that would put his face and name to his comments.

    he can’t do it. why? because he’s not a real man. he’s one more sad little boy with no testicles who blames drag queens for the fact that his father didn’t love him. and as long as he’s here spewing hate, i’ll be here to remind him that we all know why he’s so angry.


  11. Paul R says

    I’m FAR from being a defender of Rick/Jason, but maybe he doesn’t have a webpage. I don’t, on purpose.

    And I’ve always wondered how you, Little Kiwi—who I agree with 99% of the time–know about his issues with his father. Maybe I missed something. But some people are much better left ignored entirely.

  12. D.R.H. says

    Umm, EZAM, I don’t know what rock you’re living under, but since we “liberated” (read: slaughtered more than 600,000 civilians) the Iraqi people, the LGBT community has been summarily executed en masse. No questions asked.

  13. Lexxvs says

    Don’t bow if that is the problem or the word used as an excuse for persecution and genocide. There are plenty of countries that will make proper use of that humanitarian help that aren’t against human rights. It will hurt the corrupts’ pockets though. Because we all know that most of that money never reach the needy.

  14. uffda says

    L Kiwi@ yes I, like Paul R., would like to know how you know so much about Rick’s family life and background? Surely you’re not just making things up!

    As for his not posting personal access information. You wouldn’t either if you were fat, ugly, bald, old, hair-lipped and cross-eyed which must all be part of Rick’s problem. There you have it, now you know because I said so, oh, and he’s been emasculated as well, isn’t that what you said?

  15. says

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  16. GOOOOOOO says

    Take it to the middle east and south Asia first. Nigeria gets an insignificant amount of aid. In fact, Israel alone gets more aid than allof Africa combined. Egypt gets more aid than the rest of Africa combined.

    The only countries that this may seriously affect is possibly Ethioipia but, since Ethiopia fights Americas wars in Somalia I doubt aid will be going down there anytime soon.

    The simple solution is fix the problems in your local societies before projecting beliefs on others…

    In Africa and the Middle east and parts of South Asia they have a culture of polygamy but, it is considered abhorrent here… would one want that imposed here??

  17. Eric says

    And they wonder why their country is the way it is, sad really.

    On a side-note, this Little Kiwi character is hellbent on demanding people have a blog, vlog, or prove their masculinity, sounds like he has his own personal issues with masculinity from what I skimmed over on his blog. He mostly talks about his Grindr expierence and how offended he is when someone mentions the word masculine. He’s blasting his readers that left comments the same talk he leaves here. Here is a quote from his blog to one of his readers…

    “How about you provide a link to your own blog? Oh, right. You couldn’t possibly do that. That would require actual balls.”

  18. AL says

    Surprised by some of your comments cos one will expect u show some sympathy for us subjugated gays in nigeria who by no choice of ours have to live with a law passed by imbeciles we call leaders…..

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