1. Jonathan says

    I think this demonstrates something else in addition to the importance of this young man’s message. It demonstrates the growing irrelevancy of traditional media. This video beat the President’s announcement of Osama bin Laden’s death not because it was more important, but because if you wanted to watch the announcement, you only had to watch any of several dozen channels. Not only that night and the next day, but for weeks after. YouTube, on the other hand was the only place to see Zach Wahl’s speech. I don’t recall any major news outlet covering. I’m sure I missed something, but the sheer ubiquity of the bin Laden coverage comes in stark contrast to the dearth of coverage of stories the Internet decides are important. Unless the traditional media can figure out how to speak to the people who turn to Twitter, Facebook and YouTube for their news, they will grow ever more irrelevant. Newspapers will disappear soon. Will television and radio newsrooms be right behind them?

  2. outin77 says

    Agreed about number 1 choice. BUT. You are missing Hilary Clinton’s address to the UN on gay rights. That is also epic and a close second, if not the best. Add this to the list!!!

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