‘Words With Friends’ Defends Alec Baldwin After Plane Tantrum


As you may know, yesterday afternoon Alec Baldwin was kicked off an American Airlines flight after a dispute with a flight attendant:

Wwf"Flight attendant on American reamed me out 4 playing WORDS W FRIENDS while we sat at the gate, not moving," the actor said in a Twitter message after the incident.

The "30 Rock" star added a hashtag saying it was "no wonder" the airline recently declared bankruptcy.

The cabin confrontation started when a flight staffer scolded Baldwin for playing the addictive, Scrabble-like game on his iPad while the airplane was parked at the gate – when electronic devices are supposed to be off – a source familiar with the incident told the Daily News. The actor, 53, got up and demanded the flight attendant's name so he could file a complaint – and the conflict escalated, the source said.

'Words with Friends' saw an opportunity:

After the news broke, the Zynga word game released a photo to TMZ that features the phrase "Let Alec Play."

And the score on the game reads: A Baldwin 1, American Air 0.

Baldwin also tweeted out the photo to his nearly 600,000 followers, along with the hash tag #theresalwaysunited.

Witnesses to the Baldwin scuffle offer another story: Baldwin was angry that a couple wanted to sit in first class and was annoyed by it, got up and slammed the lavatory door so hard the pilot asked what was going on.


  1. HadenoughBS says

    Oh, my, an actor (gov’t official, politician, VIP et al) upset that she or he doesn’t get their way? Say it ain’t so in today’s ultra civil American society. I love Alec’s acting but maybe – just maybe – he is prone to acting up a bit in real life?! Anything’s possible. OTOH, to have to turn off certain electronics while the plane is idling at the gate does seem a bit, I don’t know….STUPID! Hey, FAA/TSA, perhaps this is a rule you need to review, huh???

  2. MichaelJ says

    While I generally am annoyed by people who think rules don’t apply to them, I think the worse thing that Alec Baldwin supposedly did was to ask for the name of the flight attendant in order to file a complaint — that is, if in fact that is what happened. I’ve already read several very different accounts of what happened so its hard to make any judgements.

  3. realitythink says

    Let’s face it, people who work for the airlines are rude and obnoxious. They’ve been given way too much leeway in regards to bossing passengers around. Whenever anyone calls them on it they go all airline security on them. It’s out of control.

  4. unruly says

    The Daily News doesn’t seem to know the airline/airport/FAA rules. While parked at the gate, you CAN use electronic devices. This was changed a few years ago after airlines would board and hold passengers for hours at the gate or on the runway (in line.) At the gate, you can use electronic devices and if held on the tarmac awaiting departure for a certain amt of time (don’t remember how long) the pilot HAS TO inform passengers they may use electronic devices again (including phones.) Baldwin was in the right (and I’m sure many frequent flyers would know these rules.) An ex-MTV exec was tweeting (from an obv electronic device) the event if that doesn’t prove the point (not to mention no security was involved.)

  5. David B. says

    what is the problem with the lavatory doors on planes? — can we just get over that everyone who slams a door going in or out of the bathroom is a terrorist — we would all be guilty at some point!

  6. Spike says

    Unruly AND Alec are correct. You can use electronic devices until the plane leaves the gate. Apparently, some of you here never fly regularly and just want to be bitchy.

  7. kyle Michel Sullivan says

    Oscar De la Hoya was on the same flight and he said the flight attendant was the one being difficult. Considering the performance of the airlines, lately, I’m inclined to take Baldwin’s side.

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