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Neil Patrick Harris has a London Olympics 'Twin' Known as 'The Ginger Wizard'


Buzzfeed has a whole gallery of images of British long jump Gold medalist Greg Rutherford, some of which bear an even more uncanny resemblance to NPH.

And for you ginger-philes, there's a shirtless shot, AFTER THE JUMP...

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The Best Olympic Sailing Sportscast You'll See All Week: VIDEO


Olympic sailing might be more interesting to sit through if it was always narrated by Fran Higgins from the Irish mockumentary TV short Hardy Bucks.

Watch (language work-unfriendly), AFTER THE JUMP...

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Australian Olympic Diver Matthew Mitcham Performs 'Family Guy' on His Ukulele: VIDEO


Matthew Mitcham, who last week entertained the YouTube world with a rendition of Beyonce's "Single Ladies", is up for another round. With fewer clothes this time!


(via ed kennedy at afterelton)

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NEWS: Imperiled Love, A Fiddly Pastor, And The Loveliness Of The Moon From The Thames


Towleroad-roadicon Meet Jon and Nedo, a binational married couple whose union is imperiled by an expiring visa:

Since the day we first met, Nedo and I have not been apart with the exception of the seven months while we waited for him to come to the United States on his student visa ... To this day the effects of [the] decision to leave his family are deeply emotional and he can’t allow himself to communicate with them regularly because it is easier to disassociate then deal with the enormity of that decision. Every time he talks to his family he ends up crying for the remainder of the night.  He misses his nieces and nephews terribly and it hurts him not to see them regularly. The fact that he is separated from his mother is something he can’t even fully grasp without his eyes swelling with tears. Due to his current legal status he cannot risk leaving the country for fear his visa will not be renewed, but this means he also must live with the knowledge that he may never see his parents again. They are getting older and the more time that goes by without him being able to visit is another form of torment for us as a gay binational American family. My husband experiences this pain often, and it causes me to resent my government for the pain our families suffer in the name of DOMA.

... Each year we participate in the Diversity Visa Green Card Lottery and this last year was especially bitter for us as we are running out of time on Nedo’s visa. The Green Card Lottery is our final hope ... Because his visa will be up in February of 2013 we are running out of options ...

We can no longer put off conversations about what will happen to us next year ...

Towleroad-roadicon Tasmania likely to become first Australian state to grant marriage equality.

Towleroad-roadicon Conservative news organs complain that the mainstream media ignored Chick-fil-A appreciation day.

Towleroad-roadicon Indiana megachurch pastor Jack Schaap dismissed after allegations of sexual conduct with a 16-year-old girl:

“At this time, we deeply regret the need to announce that First Baptist Church has dismissed our pastor, Dr. Jack Schaap, due to a sin that has caused him to forfeit his right to be our pastor,” the church said in a statement.

Towleroad-roadicon There were as many as a hundred Christian families in the Egyptian town of Dahshour. After mob rampage, there are none:

The violence was ultimately rooted in a dispute over a badly ironed shirt that escalated into a fight in which a Christian burned a Muslim to death, in turn sparking the rampage by angry Muslims.

"It was a devil's moment," Wehba said Thursday at the home of her Muslim neighbors, who have taken her in. "Whoever caused this was the devil's son."

Towleroad-roadicon What Afghan girls brave on the way to school.

Towleroad-roadicon Five ridiculous atheists.

Towleroad-roadicon NBC apologizes for airing an ad starring a gymnast monkey immediately after recapping Gabby Douglas's gold-winning performance.

Towleroad-roadicon Michael Phelps concludes a storied career.

Towleroad-roadicon A lucky Olympic picture.


Two Days Of Maddow On Romney On Horses And Taxes: VIDEO


On Thursday, Rachel Maddow offered viewers this fantastic summing-up of Mitt Romney's Rafalca drama, discussing Mitt's tax situation vis a vis the dressage horse, and providing a neat critical analysis of Mitt's theatrical attempts to distance himself from the horse's existence. (Sadly, Maddow's analysis failed to ask the most important lingering Rafalca question: What kind of husband doesn't know what day his wife's horse is competing in the Olympics?)

Maddow concluded the segment with an odd tease. On Friday night, said Maddow, she would unveil astounding archival video, unseen for a decade, that would send the ongoing national conversation about Mitt Romney's unseen tax returns in exciting new directions. And she did unveil some video. You can see it AFTER THE JUMP ...

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Photographer Jeff Sheng Presents 'Fearless', His Epic Portrait Project of More Than 150 Out LGBT Athletes: VIDEO

Fearless1 Fearless2

Jeff Sheng presented his project "Fearless", his ongoing photo series of over 150 LGBT high school and college athletes, at Pride House 2012 at the London Olympic Games, for the first time. Selections from the series hav been edited into a compelling slideshow narrated by Sheng. 

Check it out AFTER THE JUMP...

He's also begun a fundraising drive sponsored by Nike to turn this series into a photograph book next year: FearlessPhotobook.com.

I've posted about another of Sheng's projects here before — his series of closeted gay and lesbian servicemembers pre-DADT repeal.

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